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GYHC Household Modular DC Contactor – AC Contactor Manufacturers

The GYHC series modular contactor uses a new technology platform and applies automated production and testing equipment to create advanced ultra-quiet and long–life contactors. GYHC contactor can be used for remote control:

(1)Lighting, heating, ventilation, rolling curtains, public hot water

(2)Mechanical ventilation system, etc.

(3)Low inductive micro –inductive load environment

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3D Design & Simulation Analysis

Advanced technologies such as 3D design ,3D printing, tolerance analysis and simulation analysis are used for product development

Rich model specifications

The GYHC series modular contactors have 2 use categories ,4 control voltages ,6 –segment current specifications and 1 1contact types to meet the needs of different market segments

Transparent flip cover design

Transparent flip cover design New transparent flip cover design for easy customer identification

Finest material selection & Standard

Custom plastic, brand silver point, elite craft, RoHS compliant

Visualization window

The instruction window can indicate the on –off state of the contactor, make product action clear at a glance,

Laser marking

Laser marking, never fall off

Ac contactors – Definition & Types

An Ac contactor is an electromechanical switch whose function is to make or break the connection between the power supply and the load. Ac contactors operate as an on-off switch as they have a built in surge suppression. They are frequently used in electrical products and power systems to control large-load industrial equipment. As a general-purpose switching device, ac contactor allows electronic circuits to control current and electrical equipment like controlling motors, heaters, control circuits or lights. Ac contactors are unlike circuit breakers, they remain closed and conduct current continuously until they either receive a command to open or automatically disconnects due to a malfunction.

A typical ac contactor consists of a coil of copper wire wound around an iron core, actuated by a movable ferromagnetic armature bar assembly that has electrical contacts. When a dc voltage is applied across the coil, it generates an electromagnetic force that pulls the armature bar inwards. Moving the bar internally closes the contacts and establishes the connection between supply and load. There are various types of ac contactors like solid state contactors, single pole, double pole, 3 pole or three phase contactors, 4 pole contactors, high current contactors, NEMA contactors, Screw terminals, LVC or (Vacuum Contactor), DIN rail and mercury contactors.

Ac contactors have a wide range of ac and dc coil variants as mentioned previously, a wide range of auxiliary contacts, operating voltage, Versions with AC, AC/DC, or DC control.


GEYA Electrical AC Contactors

GEYA is currently the leading player in the high and low voltage electrical, power transmission, industrial applications and distribution industries in the world that offers a variety of electrical products and tools. The company specialized in manufacturing electrical products such as AC and DC Contactors, AC DC Circuit Breakers (Mini Circuit Breaker, Moulded Case Circuit Breaker), Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers, Distribution Boxes, illumination equipment, Distributing Switches. Control and protection devices that cover OEM, system integration, engineering consulting, and panel builder, can provide great solutions for motor control and protection. Our products meet many international standards, have High mechanical and electrical endurance for maximum reliability, and are ahead of so many alternatives and other products in the market like Schneider electric, Lovato electric and phoenix contact.

1.ATS+GRT8-A1+GYHC-25 wiring diagram 2.GRT8-K1+GYHC-25 wiring diagram 3.GYCH-25 wiring diagram 4.Relay+GYHC-16 wiring diagram

Type Rated current(In) Control voltage (V) Contact Multiple Of The Width Of The Module (Multiple of 9 mm)
AC-7a AC-7b
1P 16A 6A AC 50/60Hz
20A 7A
25A 9A
2P 16A 6A 2NO
20A 7A
25A 9A
32A 12A 4
40A 15A
63A 20A
3P 16A 6A 3NO
20A 7A
25A 9A
32A 12A 6
40A 15A
63A 20A
4P 16A 6A 4NO
20A 7A
25A 9A
32A 12A 6
40A 15A
63A 20A


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