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GYFZ3 Distribution Box

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Product Discription

Metal consumer unit includes SPN and TPN series. SPN series are suitable for single phase circuits and wildly used in residential area. TPN series are suitable for three phase circuits and used to protect machines in industrial area.

Technical specifications

  1. Range: SPN & TPN-4,6,8, 12ways
  2. Color: Pearl Ivory & Regal Gray
  3. Certification:IEC61439-3
  4. Features: Compact DBs which occupy minimum space
Item Specification Overall dimensions Bottom box size
GYFZ3-4 4 way 266*252*90 250*220*85
GYFZ3-6 6 way 266*252*90 250*220*85
GYFZ3-8 8 way 302*252*90 286*220*85
GYFZ3-12 12 way 266*390*90 250*358*85

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