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GYCM3L Series Residual Current Circuit Breaker

GYCM3L series residual current circuit breakers (hereafter simply referred to as circuit breakers) are one of the new type breakers which have been developed using international advanced design and manufacturing technology. The rated insulation voltage of the breakers is 800V. In the circuit of AC50Hz, the rated working voltage 400V or bellow and the rated working current up to 630A, the breakers are suitable for infrequent turn-on or turn-off and infrequent motor starting-up. The breakers have overload, short-circuit and under-voltage protection performances so as to protect the circuit and the power equipment from damage. Besides, they can provide indirect contact protection and detect the long-standing ground fault which may cause fire. When the other protections were out of order, GYCM3L breakers (rated residual current is 30mA) can provide direct contact protection.


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· Ambient temperature :-5℃~+40℃.
·Elevation of installation site:≤2000m.
·Relative humidity: not exceeding 50% at the maximum ambient temperature of +40℃. With the lower temperature, higher humidity would be permitted. E.g. when the relative humidity is 90% at the ambient temperature of 20℃,special measures should be taken to solve the dews on the surface, which would appear due to the temperature change.
·Pollution protection: 3 grade.
·Breakers pass the GB/T2423.10 which can tolerate the mechanical vibration(frequency:2Hz~13.2Hz,displacement:±1 and frequency:13.2Hz~100Hz,acceleration:±0.7g).
·Installing categories: III for the main circuits; II for auxiliary circuit and control circuit without connecting with the main circuit.
·Breakers can be used in electromagnetic environment A.
·Humid and tropical type (TH)breakers pass the GB/T2423.4, which can tolerate the Influence of damp air、salt mist、oil mist and mould.
·Breakers should be installed in the place without any explosive medium,conductive dust and can not corrode metal and destroy the insulation.
·The place would not be invade by rain and snow.
·Storage condition: Ambient temperature is -40℃~+70℃.


  GYCM3L  series  residual  current  circuit  breaker  main  technical-performance  index
Frame current Inm(A) 125 225 400 630
Type GYCM3L-125 GYCM3L-225 GYCM3L-400 GYCM3L-630
Pole  number 3/4 3/4 3/4 3/4
Rated current In(A) 16/20/25/32/40/
225/250/315/350/400 400/500/630
Rated insulation voltage Ui(V) AC800 AC800 AC800 AC800
Rated impulse voltage Uimp(V) 8000 8000 8000 8000
Rated working voltage Ue(V) 50Hz/60Hz AC400 AC400 AC400 AC400
Arc-over distance(mm)   *50(0)²) +50(0)²   +100(0)² #100(0)²)
Limiting  short-circuit  breaking  ability  lcu(kA) 50 50 50 50
Operating short-circuit breaking ability Ics(kA) 35  35 35 35
Type acresidual
current protection
Type U release,non-delay time 0.03/0.1/0.3/0.5 0.03/0.1/0.3/0.5
Type V relesase, non-delay time、
Adjustable delay time
0.1/0.3/0.5 0.1/0.3/0.5  0.1/0.3/0.5 0.3/0.5/1
Type W release , non-delay time、
Adjustable delay time
0.3/1/3/10 0.3/1/3/10 1/3/10/30 1/3/10/30
Type Aresidual current protection rype VA release,non-delay time、
Adjustable delay time
0.1/0.3/0.5 0.1/0.3/0.5 0.1/0.3/0.5 0.3/0.5/1
Rated residual non-operating current I△no(A) 1/2l△n 1/2l△n 1/2I△n 1/2l△n
Rated residual short-circuit breaking capacity I△m(kA) 1/4lcu 1/4lcu 1/4lcu 1/4lcu
Utilization category A A A A
Electrical   durability   (times)¹) 8000 8000 7500 7500
Mechanical durability(times)¹) without maintenance 20000 20000 10000 10000
maintenance 40000 40000 20000 20000
Outline dimensions
width 92/122 107/142 150/198 210/280
length 150 165 257 280
height 92 90 106.5 115.5
1)For GB14048.1, the term “durability” expresses the expectancy of the number of operating cycles which can be performed by the equipment
before repair or replacement of parts.
)Can  be  zero  arcventing  by  installing  arc  cover  of  6mm(GYCM3L-125),  7.5mm(GYCM3L-225),9.3mm(GYC3L-400),9.5mm(GYCM3L-630).
3)The load can’t have neutral wire, inc l ud ing the power supp ly of the load monitor circu i t f rom the breakers’load termina ls, when this ser ies
three phases breakers connecting with three-phases load, or the breakers will be misoperation.
)When this series three-poles and four-poles breakers connecting with single phase load, the phase wire connects with A pole, and neutral wire
connects with C pole, with B pole empty.
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