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GYCM3C MCCB with Auto RecloserGYCM3C MCCB with Auto Recloser

GYCM3C MCCB with Auto Recloser

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Molded-case circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is mainly applicable to the distribution network with AC 50/60Hz and rated working voltage of AC400V. The power supply and consumption system used for direct grounding of three-phase four-wire neutral point have the functions of overload, short circuit, phase loss, over-voltage, under-voltage, protection, etc., which can protect the circuit and electrical equipment from damage, as well as protect the possible grounding fault and personal indirect contact in the circuit.

The product complies with IEC60947-2 standards.

GYCM3C-315/3N 250A
GYCM3C-400/3N 400A
GYCM3C-630/3N 630A
GYCM3C-250S/3P+N 250A
GYCM3C-630S/3P+N 400A
GYCM3C-630S/3P+N 630A
GYCM3C-800S/3P+N 800
GYCM3C-250H/3P+N 250A
GYCM3C-630H/3P+N 400A
GYCM3C-630H/3P+N 630A
GYCM3C-800H/3P+N 800A


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