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GYCM3 DC Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Loadable: string protection up to 125size :63A,80A,100A,125A 250size:160A,200A,225A,250A 400size:320A,400A




  • Reliable protection at high ambient temperatures
  • Loadable: String protection up to
  • 125size :63A,80A,100A,125A
  • 250size: 160A,200A,225A,250A
  • Tested: Ultimate short circuit breaking capacity lcu of 25kA according to IEC60947-2
  • Fast: Reclosable for minimum standstill times
  • Safe: Reliable disconnector properties, switching under load
  • Approval: Provided on request
Rated Current In(A)125:63A,80A,100A,125A,250:160A,200A,225A,250A,400:320A,400A
Ue Rated operating voltage (VDC)3P 750V 4P DC1000v
Rated insulation voltage Ui (VDC)DC1000V
Rated Impact voltage Uimp (KV)8KV
Ultimate breaking capacity Icu (KV)25KV
Trip typeThermal-magnetic
Ambient temperature(℃)-20℃-70°℃
InstallationFixed, plug-in
AccessoriesAuxiliary, Alarm,Shunt release, Manually operated and electric operation

Circuit Breakers 

Circuit Breakers are electrical switches designed to stop the flow of electrical current and protect an electrical circuit inside electrical systems or electrical devices from any damage that might be caused by overcurrent, overload, or short circuit. Its basic function is to interrupt current flow after protective relays detect a fault that may cause overheating and eventual failure of the conductors. In normal conditions, the N-type metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) transistor acts as an electronic switch between the line terminals and the load terminal. But if there is a fault in the circuit; i.e., current leakage or overload, the trip stage of the circuit breaker tripping mechanism is activated which causes the MOS transistor to be turned off.

Most of the household appliances come fitted with fuses but it’s important to have a central circuit breaker for the entire house. How does a Circuit Breaker Work? When you have too many electrical appliances loaded in a circuit, the wiring system will start heating up. Instead of letting your circuit or machines absorb this heat, which could lead to melted wires and potential fires, the circuit breaker will instead trip. This will cut off electricity in the section that has the heat up.


Types of Circuit Breakers 

Generally, there are many different types of circuit breaker panels on the market according to the usage place and purpose. But generally, they are divided into two main types: thermal magnetic protection and electronic tripping protection– The majority of household breakers such as DIN rail type breakers plug-in breakers, molded case protectors and motor protection circuit breakers fall in the thermal magnetic category. Such breakers have an external mechanism that’s calibrated such that it interrupts the circuit when there is a high electrical current. Circuit breaker panels must be installed according to your structure’s electrical panel and plan. Typically, a licensed electrician is required to equip a new circuit breaker panel in your home. The breaker panel must be correctly sized for the number of circuits you have in your house.

There are also different types of circuit breakers and circuit breaker manufacturers in the market. Examples like siemens circuit breakers, thermal magnetic, and Schneider electric circuit breakers but GEYA offers the best circuit breakers in the market. This is due to their features and functions as follows:-

  • GEYA circuit breaker products provide energy management and automation solutions worldwide.
  • GEYA is the best circuit breaker brand that fits any home’s electrical equipment and load centers.
  • The manufacturer offers medium voltage distribution and grid industrial automation solutions.
  • Additionally GEYA specialized in different other types of relating products like electrical and electronic automation controls and components, circuit protection products for power generation, under voltage protection products, input systems, transportation and OEM markets.
  • Manufacturers at GEYA typically designed the circuit breakers for quick and easy installation, featuring knockouts as well as simple wire hookups with the turn of a screw.


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