GYCM3-250DC 225A Molded Case Circuit Breaker



  • Reliable protection at high ambient temperatures
  • Loadable: String protection up to
  • 125 Size: 63A,80A,100A,125A
  • 250size: 160A,200A,225A,250A
  • Tested: Ultimate short circuit breaking capacity lcu of 25kA according to IEC60947-2
  • Fast: Reclosable for minimum standstill times
  • Safe: Reliable disconnector properties,switching under load
  • Approval: Provided on pequest
Rated Current In(A) 125:63A,80A,100A,125A,250:160A,200A,225A,250A,400:320A,400A
Ue Rated operating voltage (VDC) 3P 750V 4P DC1000v
Rated insulation voltage Ui (VDC) DC1000V
Rated Impact voltage Uimp (KV) 8KV
Ultimate breaking capacity Icu (KV) 25KV
Trip type Thermal-magnetic
Ambient temperature(℃) -20℃-70°℃
Altitude 2000M
Installation Fixed, plug-in
Accessories Auxiliary, Alarm,Shunt release, Manually operated and electric operation



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