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GYC5 250 High Ampere AC Contactor

In a circuit of AC 50\60Hz, voltage up to 1000V, current up to 600A, controlling motors of different types.

Control resistance, inductive, capacitive loads: heating, lighting, power compensation, and transformer

Control distribution circuit, industrial distribution, green energy distribution

For harsh environments and frequent operations,

quick operating coils are recommended


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SKU GYC5 250 Category


Contactor GYC5 GYC6 GYC7
Specifications 1000、1250、1450、1700、2100、2600、3200 750、1000、1500、1800 115、150、170
Rated operationgl currentA AC3 750-1800
AC1 1000-3200 800-2750 AC-6b    90-130
Conventional thermal
current thA
1000-3200 800-2750 250
Maximum rated operational voltage V 1000  1000 660
Rated operational power AC3KW 220V 220-500
400V 400-900
500V 500-900
690V 560-900
1000V 530-750
operating power AClKW
220V 350-1090 300-1000 Capacity of capacitor Kvar
400V 600-1890 330-1600 60-90
500V 740-2350 550-2100
690V 980-3100 800-2700
1000V 1490-4690 1100-4200
Number of poles 3  1-4 3
Applications For category AC1. For slightly inductive
loads or slightly inductive distribution
circuits, eg. Standard electric stove,
distribution circuits for workshop
power distribution in rural area and
distribution  for wind  power
Standard products for high capacity
AC3, ACl, AC4 loads, specially for
large equipment in hoisting, construction and metallurgy industry.
For making and breaking of capacitor. For
making and breaking of reactive power compensation devices and appliances, to improve the power factor.
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