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Multi-functional Power Meter

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GY500 Multi-functional Power Meter

GY500 series multi-function electric instrument is for electric power systems, industrial and mining enterprises, public facilities, intelligent building electricity monitoring requirements, and designs a glaze of the intelligent electric measuring instrument, integrated full electric parameter measurement (each phase current, voltage, active power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency, power factor, and Jiu parameter), as well as the comprehensive management of electric energy metering and examination of (four-quadrant electricity measurement and time-sharing electricity statistics).

At the same time, it has a variety of peripheral interface functions for users to choose: RS485 communication interface based on Modbus-RTU protocol;4~20mA analog output can correspond to any measured electrical parameters; With switch input and relay output, circuit breaker switch can realize the “remote message” and “remote control” function; Active and reactive power pulse output function. Parameter setting and control can be realized through panel keys or communication, which is very suitable for a real-time power monitoring system.

Performance Parameter
Input signal
Internet Three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire
Voltage Rated voltage AC100V、AC400V、other
Overload Duration: 1.2 times Instantaneous: 2 times
Power consumption <0.1VA (each phase)
Impedance ≥500kΩ
Precision 0.005
Current Rated current AC1A、AC5A
Overload Duration: 1.2 times Instantaneous: 2 times
Power consumption <0.4VA(each phase)
Impedance <2mΩ
Precision 0.005
Frequency 40~65Hz,resolution 0.02Hz
Power Accuracy 0.5%
Electricity A four-quadrant electric energy measurement, active power accuracy is 0.5%, reactive power is 1%
Display Digital tube/LCD display
Scope of work AC/DC: 85~265V、AC220V、other
Power ≤5VA
Communication Digital interface RS-485、MODBUS-RTU protocol (optional)
Output Pulse output Active and reactive energy pulse (optional)
Switch output Resistive 3A/250V (optional)
Analog output 4~20mA(optional)
Input Switch input Optional coupling passive dry junction input (optional)
Safety Pressure Input-power>2kV, input-output>2kV,power-output>1kV
lnsulation lnput,output, power supply to case>5MΩ
Ambient temperature Working environment:-10~55℃ Storage environment:-20~75°℃


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