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GY500 Series Power Meter

Signal Input
●Wiring Mode:3 Phase 4 Wires/3 Phase 3 Wires
●Related Current:AC1A/AC5A
●Related Voltage:AC57.7V,AC100V,AC220V,AC380V
●Overload Capability
Voltage:1.2 times(continuous),2 times/1 second(instantaneous)
Current:1.2 times(continuous),10 times/5 seconds(instantaneous)
●Power ConsumptionVoltage:<1VA/Phase Current:<0.4VA/Phase
●lmpedance Voltage:>400kΩ Current: < 20mΩ

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EXAMPLE:Three Phase LCD Multimeter with Harmonic,Multi-Fate,2 Switching Input,1 Switching Output and also 1 Analog Output
Model No.:CN500-3EHF4Y-2I-O-D
●GY :The fn code
●300:The series number of this new item
●3 :The panel size code,it means the panel size is 96x96mm
●EHF:The measurement function includes 3A,3V,Hz,W,Var,Cosφ,Kwh,Kvarh,Multi-Fate,and also Harmonic function
●4Y :The display is three phase LCD screen
●21 :2 Loops Switching Input(if it’s 41,it means 4 Loops)
● O:1 Loop Swithing Output(relay output,if it’s 20,it means 2 loops)
● D:1 Loop Analog Output (such as 0-10Vdc,0-20mA,4-20mA etc.)

Measurement Accuracy
●Voltage:0.5 Class  ●Current:0.5 Class  ●Active Power(Watt):1.0 Class
●Reactive Power(var):1.0 Class  ●Power Factor:1.0 Class  ●Frequency:+0.2Hz
●Active Energy(kwh):1.0 Class   ●Reactive Energy(kvarh):2.0 Class
Auxiliary Power Supply
●Working Range:AC220V(standard) or AC85V-265V/DC100V-300V(customized)
●Power Consumption:<4VA
Optional Extended Function
●Communication Port:1 Loop Rs485 ,Modbus-RTU ProtocolBaud Rate:1200~38400bps,the factory default is 9600bps
●Switching Input:Passive dry contact
●Switching Output Capacity:AC250V/5A,DC30V/5A
●Working Temperature:-10C~+55C   ●Storgage Temperature:-25C~+70C
●Relative Humidity:<93%,place without corrosive gas   ●Altitude:<2500m
●Insulation Resistance:>100MΩ   ●AC Withstand Voltage: AC 2KV
EMC Performance
●Electrostatic Discharge:4 Class
●Electrical Fast Transient/Burst:4 Class
●Surge:4 Class

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