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GTS8-W 4P WIFI Timer Switch

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Networking settings

1. Install App
You can scan this QR code to download Tuya Smart or search for Tuya Smart in the App store to download this App.

2. Add a device
When used for the first time, the WiFiindicator is off. You need to press and hold the power button for5 seconds, and the device will enter the distribution network state. At this time, the WiFi indicator is flashing.

3. Connect WiFi
Make sure the phone is connected to WiFi.Open the app and click the add device button to complete the device addition according to the prompts. When the device is added, the main interface of the App will display the device icon, and the WiFi indicator of the device will be on. You can control the device through prompts.

4. Other settings
You can change the name of the device in the App to facilitate management. The load can be turned on and off regularly through the mobile phone App, and the load can also be controlled remotely through the mobile phone.

You can control the on/off of the load through the buttons on the equipment, and the ON/OFF indicator shows the on status of the equipment.

2P 4P
Function WiFi intelligent Switch
Rated supply voltage AC220V AC220V(L-N)
Rated supply frequency 45~65Hz
Rated operational current 32A,40A,50A,63A,80A(AC1) 63A(AC1)
Burden AC max.3VA
Operating temperature -20℃to +55℃(-4℉ to 131℉)
Storage temperature -35℃to +75℃(-22℉ to 158℉)
Mounting/DIN rail Din rail EN/IEC 60715
Protection degree IP40 for front panel/IP20 terminals
Operating position any
Overvoltage cathegory Ⅲ.
Pollution degree 2
Dimensions 82×36×68mm
Weight 370g 130g

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