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GSSR Solid State Relay(SSR)

Solid State Relay (SSR)is industrial control appliance that uses power semiconductor devices for the main control part, compare with traditional magnetic contact industrial controllers, it is a higher-powered, intelligent, digital, systematic, and green development.

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*AC DC switch & Temp control

*Automate Control

*CNC machinery

*Packaging machinery

*Textile machinery

*Glass machinery

*Plastic machinery

*Current :0.5A-400A


*Small General outline

*Vacuum Weld Technics

*LED indicator showing ON or OFF

*Protect Panel

*IEC standard

*Input & output type could choose DC/AC AC/AC DC/DC

Solid State Relay(SSR)Wiring Diagram

Solid State Relay(SSR)Wiring Diagram

Solid State Relay (SSR)Schematic

solid state relay schematic


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