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GSP9-C40PV 1500V 3P Surge Protection Device(SPD)



This DC surge protective device is applied low voltage standard IEC EN 61643-11 to protect against DC power line system and other equipment from over-voltage and instantaneous over-voltage damage. Widely used in photovoltaic comber box, power inverter, DC distribution cabinet, etc. It has the advantages of a large discharge current, fast response time, and low residual voltage. Max. PV voltage up to UCPV ≤1000V dc.

Main features:

1. High discharge capacity, quick response, module pluggable;

2. Fast response time, din rail installation;

3. Double thermal disconnection devices, provide more reliable protection; 4. Green window means normal, red means defect, need to change module;

5. Remote alarm terminal optional.

6. T1+T2 surge protection.

SPD according to EN 61643-31 / IEC 61643-31 type 1+2 / class I+II
Max. continuous operating DC voltage 1500 V DC
  (DC+)-PE,(DC-)-PE  ,(DC+)-(DC-)  Ucpv
Nominal discharge current (8/20μs) In 20 kA
Maximum discharge current (8/20μs) Imax 40 kA
Maximum impulse current (8/20μs) Itotal 40 kA
Maximum impulse current (10/350μs) Iimp 6.25 kA
Maximum impulse current (10/350μs) Itotal 12.5 kA
continuous current for PV application ICPV 0.2 mA
Voltage protection level (DC+)-PE,(DC-)-PE  (DC+)-(DC-) Up 5.0 kV
Response time tA 25 ns (L-N)
Short-Circuit Current Rating Iscpv 2000 A
Residual current a.c. and d.c.           IPE 0.3 mA(DC), 0.3 mA(AC),
Humidity range 5% … 95%
Range of operating temperatures TU -40°C … +70°C
Atmospheric pressure and altitude 80k Pa … 106k Pa,
-500 m … 2000 m
Operating state / fault indication Green ok / Red defect
Number of ports One port
Cross-sectional area (max.) 2 AWG (Solid, Stranded) / 4 AWG (Flexible)
35 mm2 (Solid, Stranded) / 25 mm2 (Flexible)
For mounting on 35 mm DIN rail acc. to EN 60715
Enclosure material thermoplastic
Place of installation indoor installation
Degree of protection IP 20
Capacity 4 module(s), DIN 43880
Type of remote signalling contact changeover contact
a.c. switching capacity 250V / 0.5 A
d.c. switching capacity 250V / 0.1 A; 125 V / 0.2 A; 75 V / 0.5 A
Cross-sectional area for remote signalling max. 1.5 mm2 solid / flexible
Remote signalling alarming mode Normal: closed;
failure: open-circuit
Acessibility Inaccessible
Protection fuction Overcurrent
PV earthing system Earthed and Unearthed (both)
SPD failure mode (OCFM/SCFM) OCFM

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