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GSP6-C40PV 1000V 2P Surge Protection Device(SPD)



GSP6 Surge Protection Device is our new series of SPD, it’s more economical. This DC surge protective device is applied low voltage standard IEC EN 61643-11 to protect against DC power line system and other equipment from over-voltage and instantaneous over-voltage damage. Widely used in photovoltaic comber box, power inverter, DC distribution cabinet, etc. It has the advantages of a large discharge current, fast response time, and low residual voltage. Max. PV voltage up to UCPV ≤1000V dc.

Model GSP6-C40PV 1000V
Test standard IEC/EN  61643-11;GB18802.11
IEC test classification T2/Class II
Max. PV voltage [ Uc pv] 600V DC 1000V DC
Nominal discharge current (8/20μs) 20kA
Maximum discharge current(8/20μs) 40kA
Poles 2P 2P/3P
Voltage protection level Up pv ≤2.6kV ≤3.6kV
Response time Ta 25ns
Connecting cable 4mm2(L-N);6mm2(PE)
Method of Installation 35mm Din Rail
Matched fuse or circuit breaker 32A
Type of remote signaling contact Switching contact(Optional)
C+NC: Normally closed
C+NO: Normally open
C: Common contact
Switching capacity AC:250V/0.5A  DC:250V/0.1A,125V/0.2A,75VI0.5A
Cross-sectional area for remote signal contact Max. 1.5mm2 solid /flexible
Operating temperature range 40°C…+80℃

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