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GRT8-TS1 Bluetooth Time Control Relay Staircase Switch




GEYA Bluetooth time control relay can be used for industrial equipment, lighting control, heating element control, motor, and fan control, and regularly turn on and offloads.

Function Features

-The relay is set through Bluetooth connection of mobile phone app, which is simple and easy to operate.
-8 / 16 group timing setting.
-It has two working modes: automatic and manual.
-It has AC / DC 24v-240v ultra-wide working voltage.
– Relay status is indicated by LED.
– 1-MODULE, DIN rail mounting.

Function Bluetooth time control relay
Supply terminals A1-A2
Voltage range(W240) AC/DC 12-24V(50-60Hz)
Burden(W240) AC 0.09-3VA/DC 0.05-1.7W
Supply voltage tolerance -15%;+10%
Supply indication green LED
Number of timers 8-ON/8-OFF 2×8-ON/2×8-OFF
Time setting APP(Bluetooth connectivity)
Time deviation ±2s/day
output 1×SPDT 2×SPDT
Current rating 16A(AC1)
Min. breaking capacity DC 500mw
Output indication red LED
Mechanical life 1×10^7
Electrical life(AC1) 1×10^5
operating temperature -20℃ to+55℃(-4°F to 131°F)
Storage temperature -35℃to+75℃ (-22°F to 158°F)
Mounting/DIN rail Din rail EN/IEC 60715
Protection degree IP20
Operating position any
overvoltage cathegory Ⅲ.
Pollution degree 2
Max.cable size(mm²) 1×2.5mm² or 2×1.5mm²   0.4N·m
Dimensions 90×18×64mm
Weight W240-62g,A230-60g W240-82g,A230-81g
Standards GB/T14048.5,EN61812-1,IEC60947-5-1


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