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The control module of GRD9L-WI series remote control device can match 1P-4P AC/DC circuit breaker, realize remote control through external dry contact, and feedback on the reclosing state through the signal output port.

The LED red light indicates that the device is in normal use under the closing state. The green LED light indicates that the equipment is in the open state, and the red flashing LED indicates that the equipment is in fault or manual opening enters the maintenance mode.

Automatic control mode, maintenance mode, and padlock mode can be selected through the toggle switch on the control module panel.


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Product Features

1. Ultra small volume: the minimum width is only 18mm, which is reduced by more than 1/2 compared with similar products at home and abroad;

2. Good compatibility: modular design, can assemble various miniature circuit breakers from ABB, Schneider, Nader, and many other manufacturers Device;

3. Reliable performance: the mechanical life is up to 20000 times, more than double that of domestic and foreign products;

4. Fast action: compared with similar products at home and abroad, the speed is more than double;

5. Multiple working modes: the mode selection switch can be selected between manual and automatic operation modes to physically lock the reclosing device;

6. Double fulcrum parallel drive, effectively ensuring reliable synchronous closing of 3P and above circuit breakers;

7. Good adaptability: rail-mounted side;

8. Energy conservation and environmental protection: low power consumption; All of them are made of environment-friendly materials, meeting RoHS requirements;

9. Strong expansibility: RS485 communication, dry contact control, and opening/closing status feedback can be added.


Number of applicable circuit breaker poles1P、2P3P、4P
Electrical characteristics
Rated current of adaptive circuit breaker frame
63A 125A
Rated operating voltage (Un)AC~230V
Rated insulation voltage(Ui)300V
Rated frequency50Hz 60Hz
Standby power≤ 1.2W
Mechanical properties
Opening time0.1s
Closing time0.2s
Mechanical life20000
Environmental characteristics
Working temperature-25℃~+55℃
Storage temperature-35℃~+65℃
Relative humidity (non condensing)5%-95%
Highest altitude2000 m
Degree of protectionIP20


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