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GRD9L-W+GYL9 MCB/RCCB/RCBO controlled by WiFi Instruction

■Function Features
-It can be matched with MCB/RCCB/RCBO and remotely controlled for closing and opening through the APP.
-RCCB/MCB/RCBO (timing switch function) can be set to be turned ON/OFF at any time through the APP.
-With manual /automatic selector switch.
-With mechanical /electronic double locking function.
-The shaft transmission mode is more stable and reliable.
-Can match other accessories.
-Work status is indicated by LED.


-It can be used for intelligent household electricity management and photovoltaic distribution systems.

Technical parameters
Technical parametersGRD9L-W
Control modeWiFi
Supply terminalsA1-A2
Voltage rangeAC 220V(50-60Hz)
Supply voltage tolerance-10%;+10%
Power input AC max.1VA(standby)max.20VA(action)
Supply voltage tolerance  -10%;+10%
Action time  ≤1s
WIFI connectivity802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
Mechanical life10000
Electrical lifeRefer to MCB/RCCB/RCBO catalogue
Operating temperature-20℃ to +55℃
Storage temperature-35℃ to +75℃
Mounting/DIN railDin rail EN/IEC 60715
Protection degreeIP20
Operating positionany
Overvoltage cathegoryIII.
Pollution degree2
Max.cable size(mm2)solid wire max.1×2.5 or 2×1.5/with sleeve max.1×2.5(AWG 12)
Combination with accessories
Auxillary contact Yes
Alarm contact Yes
Shunt releaseYes
Under voltage releaseYes

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