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GRD9L-R+GYM9 4P MCB Auto Recloser

GRD9L-R+GYM9 4P MCB Auto Recloser can be widely used in power grid terminal lines, such as meter boxes, new energy circuit management, PV solar control box, smart electricity, smart home, new energy vehicle charging pile, and so on.

SKU GRD9L-R+GYM9-1-3 Category



  • It can be matched with a circuit breaker/leakage protection switch and automatically reclose when MCB / RCCB trips unexpectedly, no need for manual closing, reduce the cost of manual maintenance, and eliminate faults in time to improve efficiency.
  • built-in 3 reclosing times, continuous closing failure within 15 minutes can send an alarm through auxiliary contact.
  • With manual / automatic selector switch.
  • With mechanical/electronic double locking function.
  • The shaft transmission mode is more stable and reliable.
  • Can match other accessories.
  • Work status is indicated by LED.
  • 1-MODULE.
  • with RS485 interface Control
Technical parametersGRD9L-R
Control modeAuto Reclosing
Supply terminalsA1-A2
Voltage rangeDC 12V
Power input DCmax.1W(standby)  max.20W(action)
Voltage rangeAC220V(50-60Hz)
Supply voltage tolerance-10%;+10%
Power input AC max.1VA(standby)max.20VA(action)
Supply voltage tolerance-10%;+10%
Supply indicationred LED
Action time≤1s
Auto reclosing times3
Auto reclosing interval time10s-60s-300s
Reset the closing times No trip or manual reset within 15 minutes after the successful closing
Mechanical life10000
Electrical life(AC1)4000
operating temperature -20℃ to +55℃ (-4℉ to 131℉)
Storage temperature -35℃ to +75℃ (-22℉ to 158℉)
Mounting/DIN railDin rail EN/IEC60715
Protection degree IP20
operating positionany
overvoltage category
Pollution degree2
Max.cable size(mm)solid wire max.1×2.5or2×1.5/with sleeve max.1×2.5(AWG12)
combination with accessories
Auxillary contactYes
Alarm contactYes
Shunt release YesYes
Under-voltage releaseYes



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