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GLC1 Industrial AC Contactor A-Class

With the new generation of the technical platforms and automatic production and testing equipment, the new GLC1 AC contact fits the customer application needs which is in a good quality.

A-class, white shell , with 85% silver content, and the 09-18 contact plate is made of copper


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The base adopts V0 grade plastic particles to ensure the flame retardancy and strength of the material. Through the comparative test of glow wire, the plastic particles of the new product have high flame retardancy and do not burn.

*Pass the product drop test to avoid product damage due to falling within 1 meter (with packaging)

*The coil frame is made of V0 grade plastic, which can ensure the heat resistance of the coil

*High-quality enameled wire is adopted. The quality of the enameled wire is stable. The heat resistance grade of qa-1 / 155 coil is high, the temperature rise is ≤ 110k within the standard range, and the weight of coil turns is enough to ensure the stability of coil quality

*Increase the thickness of the edge silver layer and improve the service life of products

*Environmental protection iron core ensures dimensional consistency and product stability

*The key materials are customized to ensure the material stability, optimize the material of leaf spring, optimize the mechanical life to reach 1000 times, and the leaf spring is free from fracture

AC Contactor 

An air conditioner contactor or AC contactor (Motor Starter – Thyristor) is a single pole double-throw (SPDT) and an energy-efficient electrical switching device that can switch an electrical circuit and motors on and off in motorized applications such as elevators, escalators, lighting systems, equipment such as fuse boxes and electrical systems found in commercial buildings like schools, hospitals and offices, and residential buildings. It provides a highly efficient and reliable method to control electric motors by providing low-voltage/high-current contacts to direct current from the power source such as a transformer, rectifier, or power supply.

AC Contactors consist of a coil wire, also called the armature, which performs the actual switching functions of the device by switching contacts and controlling the voltage source or the flow of the electricity. Also, a pair of switching elements (Usually electromagnetic in nature) mounted on a single shaft is known as the “The Contractor Shaft”. The magnetic field produced by the coil of wire is to complete or break the electric current or circuit.

Types Of AC Contactors

AC Contactors come in many different styles with many different features, but they all have this in common: reliable power control for your equipment. This is done by switching voltages ranging from 0 to 400 volts. They can handle rates in different voltage classes (HV – High Voltage, MV- Medium Voltage, V- Low Voltage).

Examples of AC Contactors 

For example, they are used for tripping in an air condition circuit. The Ac Contactors close to the furnace or the air handler are extremely important HVAC parts of the HVAC system. That is because the air conditioner contactor is used to run or not run the air handler. They can be configured simply or very complex. An AC contactor has two coils of wire: one is activated by the thermostat and one is activated by the AC unit. When either one of those “ON” coils gets cold it closes in the unit and completes a circuit to allow electricity to flow which turns on your air conditioner.

Contactor ModelGLC1-09
Rated insulation voltage (Ui)690
Conventional thermal current(Ith)2020324050608080100100
Rated operating current(le)380V,AC-39121825324050658095
Rated operating power(Pe)380V,AC-345.57.5111518.522303745
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