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GDSC120R-EL32R Solar Isolator Switch

Product Application

GDS1 series isolation switch is suitable for a power system with rated voltage DC 1200V or below and rated current 32A or below. The product can be used for infrequent switching-on and switching-off and can disconnect 1 – 2 MPPT lines at the same time. It is especially suitable for isolating lines in HVDC transmission and distribution systems, such as cutting off the high voltage DC current between solar panels and inverters.


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Product Benefits

  1. UV resistance and V0 flame retardant material
  2. Contact Silver Plating, silver layer thickness up to the industry’s highest standards
  3. Arcing Time in 3 ms
  4. No Polarity
  5. Lockable at OFF position
  6. IEC/EN60947.3 standard and AS 60947.3
  7. Provide 5-year warranty product guarantee

Main ParametersGDS1XX/N / GDS1XX/S
Rated Insulation VoltageUiV1500
Rated thermal currentIthA32
Rated impulse withstand voltageUimpV8000
Rated short-circuit making capacityIcw  A1kA,1S
Maximum cable section(incl.jumper)
Flexible  mm²4-10
Flexible(+multicore cable end)  mm²4-10
Tightening torque term ina l screws M4.Nm1.2-1.8
Tighten ing torque shell mounting screws ST4.2(304 stainless steel)Nm1.5-2.0
Tigh tening torque knob screws M3Nm0.5-0.7
Switching on or off TorqueNm0.9-1.3
The wiring Torque on BaseNm1.1-1.4
General parameters
Knob Positions9 o’clock,OFF 12 o’clock,ON
Electrical LifeActual3000 Cycles
Standard300 Cycles
Mechanical LifeActual10000 Cycles
Standard10000 Cycles
Number of DC poles2 or4
Operation temperature-40 to+85
Storage termperature-40 to+85
Pollution degree3
Overvoltage categoryIII
IP rating of shafte and mountin g nulIP66

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