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GATS-W-63 Mini Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

GATS-W-63 Mini Automatic Transfer Switch(ATS)is suitable for AC 50 Hz or 60 Hz, rated voltage 400V, rated working current 63A and below. It can be used for selective conversion between two dual power sources. GATS-W-63 Mini Automatic Transfer Switch(ATS)has short circuit, overload, and undervoltage protection functions, as well as fire protection, double and output closing signal functions.

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Mini Automatic Transfer Switch

GATS-W-63 Mini Automatic Transfer Switch(ATS) has a reasonable structure, small size, and beautiful appearance. Moreover, it has a protective cover with a more safe and more reliable power supply. This switch has complete protection functions, with short circuit, overload, phase loss, and under-voltage protection. With EPS firepower interface, DC12-24 V can be reliably long-distance double split. There is no dry movement, energy saving, easy installation, simple operation, and reliable and stable performance.


Rated operating
current le(A)
Grade of electrical equipmentGrade CB
Utilization categoryAC~33iB
Tripping current5-10In (type C),10~15In (type D)
Rated operating voltage Ue220V(2-pole),380V(3-pole,4 poles)
Rated frequency60Hz
Rated short-circuit making capacity lcm(peak)9.18kA6.615kA
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity Icn (effective value)10kA4.5kA

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