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Galaxy MPPT

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*It has an efficient MPPT algorithm, MPPT efficiency ≥99.5%, and converter efficiency up to 98%.
*Charge mode: three stages (constant current, constant voltage, floating charge), it prolongs the service life of the batteries.
*Four types of load mode selection: ON/OFF, PV voltage control, Dual Time control, PV+Time control.
*Battery system voltage automatic recognition.
*Three kinds of commonly used lead-acid battery (Seal\(Gel\F loaded) parameter settings can be selected by the user, and the user can also customize the parameters for other battery charging.
*It has a current limiting charging function. When the power of PV is too large, the controller automatically keeps the
charging power, and the charging current will not exceed the rated value.
*High definition LCD display function to check the device running data and working status, also can support modify the controller display parameter.
*RS485 communication, we can offer communication protocol to convenient user’s integrated management and secondary development.
*Support PC software monitoring and WiFi module to realize APP cloud monitoring.
*CE, RoHS, FCC certifications approved, we can assist clients to pass various certifications.

Galaxy Series Galaxy-96 Galaxy-192\Galaxy-216 Galaxy-384
Power model G96L70 G96L80 G96L100 G192L50 G192L60 G192L70 G216H80 G216H100 G384H70 G384H80
Product category Controller Type MPPT (maximum power point tracking)
MPPT efficiency >99.5%
System voltage DC96V DC192V\DC216V(DC220V)\DC240V DC384V
Range of voltage DC72V-DC128V DC144V-DC256VDC162V-DC288VDC180V-DC320V DC288V-DC512V
Heat-dissipating method Optional
Input Characteristics Open circuit Vmax DC430V DC430V DC660V DC850V
Start charge Vstart Vbat+20V
Low protection Vlow Vbat+10V
Overprotection Vover DC430V DC430V DC660V DC850V
Rated PV power 7280W 8320W 10400W 10400W
29120W 33280W
Charge Characteristics Selectable Battery Types Sealed lead-acid. Gel battery, Flooded (Other types of the batteries also can be defined)— Default Gel battery
Charge rated current 70A 80A 100A 50A 60A 70A 80A 100 A 70A 80A
Charge Method 3-Stage: constant current(fast charging-constant voltage-floating charge
LOAD Characteristics Load voltage The same as the battery voltage The same as the battery voltage
Load rated current 70A 80A 100A 50A 60A
Load control mode On\Off mode, PV voltage control mode, Dual-time control mode, PV + Time control mode
Display & Communication Display mode LCD128*64 dots/ backlight display
Communication mode 8-pin RJ45 port/RS485/support PC software monitoring/support WiFi module to realize APP cloud monitoring
Other Parameters Protection Function Input-output over \ under-voltage protection, Prevention of connection reverse protection, etc.
Operation Temperature -20’C 〜+50’C
Storage Temperature -40°C-+75’C
IP(lngress protection) IP21
Net Weight (kg) 14.7 14.7 18.8 18.8
Gross Weight (kg) 16.6 16.6 20.6 20.6
Product Size (mm) 371*500*187 371-500-187 391*500*227 391*500*227
Packing Size(mm) 590*420*270 590*420*270 590*440*320 590*440*320


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