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explorer-M/S MPPT

SKU explorer-M/S Category


*Maximum power point tracking efficiency ≥99.5%
*HD LCD color display
*Suitable for 12V/24V/36V/48V lead-acid battery system
*Suitable for lithium-ion battery
*Lithium-ion battery activates arousal function
*Centralized monitoring and parallel function, upper computer software, and mobile phone monitoring
*Air cooling & protection of IP43

Common positive typeEM2420EM2430EM2440EM2450EM2460ES2420ES2430ES2440ES2450ES2460ES4820ES4830
Product categoryControlerTypeMPPT (maximum power point tracking)
MPPT efficiency99.5%
Standby power0.5W-1,2W
Heat-dissipating methodSeif cooling
Lead-acid battery12Vsystem: 9VDC-15VDC   24Vsystem: 18VDC-30VDC   36Vsystem: 32VDC-40VDC   48Vsystem: 42VDC-60VDC
The settable lithium-ion battery system8VDC-30VDC18VDC-60VDC
Input CharacteristicsMaximum input voltage100VDC150VDC
Minimum MPPT voltageReal-time battery voltage + 2V
Stan charging voltageReal-time battery voltage + 3V
Input low voltage protection voltageReal-time battery voltage + 2V
Input overvoltage protection/recovery voltage100VDC/95VDC150VDC/145VDC
12V Lead-acid battery system260W390W520W650W780W260W390W520W650W780W260W390W
24V Lead-acid battery system520W780W1040W1300W1560W500W780W1040W1300W1560W520W780W
36V Lead-acid battery system780W1170W
48V Lead-acid battery system1040W1560W
Settable lithium-ion battery system252W-504W378W-756W504W-1008W630W-1260W756W-1512W252W-504W378W-756W504W-1008W630W-1260W756W-1512W252W-1008W378W-1512W
Charge CharacteristicLithium battery activation functionOptional
Type of batterySealed lead-acid battery (SEL), gel sealed lead acid battery (GEL), liquid-rich battery (FLD), user-defined (USE), lithium-ion battery (LIT)
Rated maximum charging current20A30A40A50A60A20A30A40A50A60A20A30A
Charge MethodStage 3: CC (quick charging) – CV (constant voltage charging) – CF (floating charging)
LOAD CharacteristicsLoad VoltageThe same as the battery voltage
Load rated current20A30A20A30A20A
Load control modeon/off mode, light control mode, double time control mode, light control delay mode
Load low voltage protection10.5V(low voltage protection), 11V (low voltage protection recovery), adjustable
Display & CommunicationDisplayHD LCD color segment code display
CommunicationDual RJ485 interface/RS485 / upper computer software/WIFI module & Bluetooth module mobile phone APP/centralized monitoring
Other ParametersProtection FunctionInput-output over\ under-voltage protection, Prevention of connection reverse protection battery shedding protection, etc.
Operating ambient temperature-20℃-+50℃
IP (ingress protection)IP43
Max. connection size28mm2
Recommended battery side circuit breaker≥40A≥63A≥63A≥100A≥100A≥40A≥63A≥63A≥100A≥100A≥40A≥63A
Net Weight/Gross Weight (kg)1.65/1.982.35/2.781.65/1.982.35/2.78
product size/package size ( mm)220x148x58.8 / 289x212x 105245x170x68.5 / 334x255x123220x148x58.8/289x212x105245x170x68.5 / 334x255x123


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