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*It has an efficient MPPT algorithm, MPPT efficiency ≥99.5%, and converter efficiency up to 98%.
*Charge mode: three stages (constant current, constant voltage, floating charge), it prolongs the service life of the batteries.
*Four types of load mode selection: ON/OFF, PV voltage control, Dual Time control, PV+Time control.
*Battery system voltage automatic recognition.
*Three kinds of commonly used lead-acid battery (Seal(GelF loaded) parameter settings can be selected by the user, and the user can also customize the parameters for other battery charging.
*It has a current limiting charging function. When the power of PV is too large, the controller automatically keeps the
charging power, and the charging current will not exceed the rated value.
*High definition LCD display function to check the device running data and working status, also can support modify the controller display parameter.
*RS485 communication, we can offer communication protocol to convenient user’s integrated management and secondary development.
*Support PC software monitoring and WiFi module to realize APP cloud monitoring.
*CE, RoHS, FCC certifications approved, we can assist clients to pass various certifications.

Common positive typeE20E30E40E50E60
Product categoryControlerTypeMPPT (maximum power point tracking)
MPPT efficiency0.995
Standby power0.5W-1.2W
System voltageAutomatic recognition
Heat-dissipating methodIntelligent fan cooling
Input CharacteristicsMax.PV input voltage(VOC)150VDC
Stan charging voltageReal-time battery voltage + 3V
Input low voltage protection voltageReal-time battery voltage + 2V
Overvoltage protection point150VDC
12V Lead-acid battery system260W390W520W650W780W
24V Lead-acid battery system520W780W1040W1300W1560W
36V Lead-acid battery system780W1170W1560W1950W2340W
48V Lead-acid battery system1040W1560W2080W2600W3120W
Type of batterySealed lead-acid, Gel battery, Flooded(Other types of the batteries also can be defined)
Rated maximum charging current20A30A40A50A60A
Charge MethodStage 3: CC (quick charging) – CV (constant voltage charging) – CF (floating charging)
LOAD CharacteristicsLoad VoltageThe same as the battery voltage
Load rated current40A60A
Load control modeOnOff mode, PV voltage control mode, Dual-time control mode, PV+Time control mode
Display & CommunicationDisplayHD LCD color segment code display
Communication8-pin RJ45 port/RS485/support PC software monitoring/support WiFimodule to realize APP cloud monitoring
Other ParametersProtection FunctionInput-output over\ under-voltage protection, Prevention of connection reverse protection battery shedding protection, etc.
Operating ambient temperature-20℃-+50℃
Storage Temperature-40℃-+75℃
IP (ingress protection)IP21
Max. connection size20mm230mm2
Net Weight(kg)2.32.6
Gross Weight (kg)33.5
product size( mm)240*168*66270*180*85
Packing Size( mm)289*204*101324*223*135



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