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Low voltage sub-box Energy Storage Lithium Battery

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Energy Storage Applications Scenario


1.Peak shaving FM
2.Smooth wind output power
3.Track plan output
4.Local consumption, reducing abandoned wind and solar
5.Active power control and reactive power compensation


1.Slow investment in transmission equipment
2.Improve power quality and system reliability
3.Maintain the voltage stability of the transmission grid
Distribution:1.Alleviate peak load demand and slow network upgrade and expansion
2.Respond to fault conditions and ensure stable power supply power side

Power side:

1.Auxiliary distributed power access
2.Deal with peak load needs, peak arbitrage
3.Adjust and improve power quality, act as UPS/EPS power supply

Item Number GY5.13-LB GY10.24-LB GY15.36-LB GY20.48-LB GY25.6-LB
Compatible_x005f_x0001_with inverter Deye, Goodwe, Growatt, Aiswei, Ginlong, Megarevo
Cell type LFP(LiFePo4)
Connection way 1P16S 2P16S 3P16S 4P16S 5P16S
Battery module capacity 5.12KWh 10.24KWh 15.36KWh 20.48KWh 25.6KWh
Rated Capacity 100Ah
Rated voltage 51.2V
Charging temperature 0~55℃
Discharge temperature -10~55℃
Storage temperature -20~45°C (≤1 month);0~35°C (>1 month)
Working humidity 5~95%(no condensation)
Maximum altitude <3000m(>2000m derating)
Protection degree IP54
Cell charging cut-off voltage 3.6V
Single discharge cut-off voltage 2.8V
Working voltage range 44.8V~57.6
Communication method CAN, RS485
Parallel communication 6pcsinMax
BMS power consumption <2W(underworkingcondition,) sleep< 50mW(inhibernatemode)
Rated operating current 50A 100A 100A 100A 100A
Maximum perating current 100A 110A 110A 110A 110A
Cycle performance ≥6000 times, 25°C
Certification standards UL9540A、IEC62619/IEC642277、EMC 、UN38.3 、UL1973
Service life 10year
Size(L*W*H) 600*850*363mm 600*850*363mm 600*850*726mm 600*850*726mm 600*850*1100mm
Installation Indoor/Outdoor
Weight 51kg 82kg 133kg 164kg 195kg
Protection function Overvoltage/overvoltage/overcurrent/short circuit/reverse connection

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