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DX-AT Distribution box

-The bottom shell and surface frame are made of PC newmaterial,while the transparent cover is made of PC newmaterial,which has characteristics such as good toughness,high strength,good impact resistance,and long service life.
-Suitable for various indoor and outdoor places such aswaterproof,dustproof,and anti-corrosion
-Executive standard:GB/T 17466.1;GB/T 17466.24;IEC 60529 IP65
-Patent No.: 202221500007.6 、 202230368813.1 、 202230368814.6

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 DXAT series surface mounted waterproof distribution box product data summary table
Serial Number Model and name Number of circuits Number of rows Overall
Zero and ground
Outer box size
Gross weight
of the
entire box(kg)
Number of
boxes (pieces)
1 DXAT-4
Exposed waterproof
distribution box
4way Single Row 128*200*100 Zero row:3 holes
Ground row:3 holes
545*425*555 21.5 40
2 DXAT-6
Exposed waterproof
distribution box
6way 164*200*100 Zero row:5 holes
Ground row:5 holes
545*425*530 17.8 30
3 DXAT-9
Exposed waterproof
distribution box
9way 218*200*100 Zero row:5 holes
Ground row:5 holes
545*425*465 16.2 20
4 DXAT-13
Exposed waterproof
distribution  box
13way 296*230*120 Zero row:8 holes
Ground row:8 holes
622*520*490 17.6 16
5 DXAT-15
Exposed waterproof
distribution box
15way 332*230*120 Zero row:8 holes
Ground row:8 holes
645*357*490 13.8 10
6 DXAT-18
Exposed waterproof
distribution box
18way 380*230*120 Zero row:8 holes
Ground row:8 holes
645*405*490 15.5 10
7 DXAT-26
Exposed waterproof
distribution box
26way Double Row 296*390*130 Zero row:two 8 holes
Ground rowtwo 8 holes
642*425*415 19.2 6
8 DXAT-39
Exposed waterproof
distribution  box
39way Three Rows 296*550*130 Zero row:two 8 holes
Ground row:two 8 holes
565*315*146 2.7 1

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