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Digital Timer Switch THC 9160 16A Light Control + Timer Switch

Digital timer switch THC 9160 16A Light Control + Timer Switch can be directly connected, with small size, low power consumption, wide operating temperature range, anti-interference ability, and so on. There are functions such as adjust the time and countdown.

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Item No THC9160 16A,20A,25A,30A
Voltage range AC/DC85-265V 50/60Hz
Switching frequency ≤1s/d(25℃)
Power consumption 44ON+44OFF
Display 4VA(max)
Electrical life LCD
Ambient Light <5-150LUX(adjustable)
Min. switching time 1 min
Contact 1NO+1NC/1NC
Control current 16A,20A,25A,30A
Mounting DIN rail mounting
Contact Capacity THC9160 16A Resistive:16A/250VAC(cosφ=1)
THC9160 20A Resistive: 20A/250VAC(cosφ =1)
THC9160 25A Resistive:25A/250VAC(cosφ =1)
THC9160 30A Resistive:30A/250VAC(cosφ =1)
G.W 19kg
N.W 18.5kg
MEAS 460×320×290mm
Temperature -10~40℃
Relative humidity 35-85%RH


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