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Digital Timer Switch THC 30A Programmable Periodic Timer

The products according to the time set by the user, automatically turn on and tum off the variety of electrical equipment. Control object can be lights, lightboxes, neon signs, production equipment, agriculture, aquaculture, warehouse exhaust dehumidifier automatically preheat optimal control products, such as radio and television equipment Built-in lithium battery, high-precision, industrial-grade chips, strong anti-gamming

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THC-30A timer is a digital timer that can be used to control the switching time of electrical equipment. It can be set at precise intervals and can repeat the cycle as desired.

THC-30A timers are widely used in household, commercial and industrial fields, such as lighting, irrigation systems and automated production equipment.


1.THC-15A wiring diagram 2.THC-15A+GYHC-25 wiring diagram

ItemNo THC-30A
Operating Voltage AC 220-240V 50Hz/60Hz (Other special voltages can be customized)
Power Consumption 4.5VA
Operating Temperature -10~+50℃
Accuracy ≤1s/d (25℃)
Power consumption 16ON+16OFF
Minimum Setting Range 1Minuters
Time Setting Range 1 minute to 168 hours
Contact Capacity Resistive: 30A/250V AC(cosφ =1)
Storage Battery 3 YEARS
Dimension 81×36×66mm
Weight 125g
QTY 100
G.W 18
N.W 17
MEAS 390 ×220×375
Mounting DIN rail mounting


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