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DC Relay Diffuse Reflection Sensor E3JK-DS30D Photoelectric Sensor

Detection distance:30cm; Application:DC relay Dimension:18*50*50



  • The diffuse reflection-type photoelectric switch is made up of a light projector and light receptor, which is one of the standard configurations. When the light beam comes from the projector, the target creates diffuse reflection; when there is enough combination light back to the light receptor, the switching state will change.
  • Effective operating distance depends on the reflective capacity of the target as well as the surface property and color. The changing capacity with sensitivity adjuster can assume compensation action.
  • The equipment has a lower consumption. When the optical sensor is made up of a single element, a rough location can usually be achieved.
  • Adopts the function of background rejection to regulate the measuring distance.
  • Sensitive to the dust on the target and sensitive to the changed reflective performance of the target.


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