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Product Features:

  1. High breaking capacity
    It has a number of invention patents for the design of circuit breaker arc-extinguishing chamber andcontact system. Using the principles of narrow slit, air blowing, and magnetic blowing arc extinguishing,optimizing the shape of the arc extinguishing grid and the layout of the arc extinguishing grid, increasingthe driving force for the arc, reducing the resistance of entering the arc extinguishing chamber, andimproving the breaking capacity of the product,and realize reliable arc extinguishing lower than DC1500V.The time for the controller to collect signals and issue commands is optimized, and when a large faultcurrent occurs, the total breaking time can be greatly shortened.
  2. Long lifespan
    Made of high-strength DMC material, which has extremely high impact strength and insulation properties.The design of the arc contact structure improves the electrical life of the product; the contact system andoperating mechanism are greatly optimized, the strength of the metal structure is higher, and thecompensation of the contact pressure is realized, which improves the reliability of the product and short-term tolerance.
  3. Small size
    The phase spacing is the smallest among the same frame, and the shunt is built-in, which is conducive toreducing the size of the complete cabinet and making the product more beautiful.critical current
    The first non-polar frame circuit breaker at home and abroad that meets the critical DC load, realizesreliable arc extinguishing in the full current range, and can meet the photovoltaic PV2 level isolationrequirements.
  4. Various safety protection devices
    It has protective devices such as drawer-type circuit breaker door interlock, drawer-type three-positionlocking and unlocking device, key lock at off position, terminal shield, closing ready device, etc.
Number of poles in series (P)2/3/43/4
Rated current In(A )800/1000/1250/1600/2000/25001600/2000/2500/3200/3600/4000
Rated working voltage Ue(V)DC500V/750V(2P/3P)DC1000V/1500V(4P)DC500V/750V(3P)


Breaking type/SH
Rated ultimate short-circuit
breaking capacity lcu(kA)
DC500V 2P 50
 3P 6580120
750V DC 2P 40//
 3P 556580


 4P 505575
 4P 405060
Rated operating short-circuit breaking capacity lcs(kA)100%lcu100%lcu
Rated short-circuit making capacity lcm(kA)100%lcu100%Icu
Rated short-time withstand current Icw(kA)/1s100%lcu100%lcu
cont rol lerNWK20Z controller//
NWK22Z controller//
installation methodFixed//
Drawer type//
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