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AFDD2-40 Arc Fault Detection Device

AFDD3-40 incorporating MCB, RCD, and arc fault detection module, provides protection against short circuit, overload, leakage current, an arc fault. The Zero-sequence transformer of RCD detects leakage current, and the arc fault module detects arc fault, which enables the product to effectively disconnect the protected circuit in case of either leakage current fault or arc fault.

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AFDD3-40, applicable to AC circuits with rated current up to 40A, provides protection against arc fault, overload, short circuit, and leakage current fault happened to branch circuits in lighting distribution and power distribution system.

The arc fault detection module of AFDD3-40 can effectively detect and identify arc faults in its protected circuit with a disabled insulation layer due to aging, damage, or high humidity. The product trips and disconnects the circuit upon detection of arc faults.

Normal Operating Conditions:

The ambient temperature is 5℃ or+40℃, the average daily highest temperature is+35℃.

Relative Humidity:

Maximum value is 50% when the temperature is 40℃ and 90% when the temperature is 20℃.


  • Rated voltage(Ue): AC230V
  • Rated frequency:50HZ±2%
  • Rated insulation voltage(Ui): 400V
  • Rated impulse withstand voltage(Uimp):4KV
  • Rated current(In);6A、10A、16A、20A、25A、32A、40A
  • Number of poles: 1P+N(N pole disconnectable)
  • Magnetic tripping type: B-type、C-type
  • Rated service short circuit capacity(Ics);6KA
  • Rated short circuit capacity(Icn): 6KA
  • Insulation material class: III a
  • Grid distance(mm):40mm
  • Rated sensitivity: 30mA type A, AC

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