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50KW Three Phase Grid Tie Solar Energy Storage System

Super High Efficiency

1.The most efficient solar panel

2.Stable and efficient inverter

3.Efficient and fast charging and discharging lithium batteries

4.System configuration achieves optimal performance and efficiency

5.Intelligent energy management system

6.With unique weather prediction and energy management functions


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Professional design

1.Based on Irradiation data from NASA

2.Optimal solutions for each project

3.Maximal system efficiency target

4.Exact design for every project case

50KW grid tie solar system-3 phase
1Mono half cell
solar panels
20 pcs in one string
5 strings totally
Crystalline:Mono half cell
Max work power:550W
Max system Voltage:1500V
Warranty:10 Years
100 Pcs
2Growatt brand
Grid tie solar inverter
Model:Max 50KTL3-X
Rated Output Power:50KW
PV voltage range:140-1000V
Output:380/400V 50Hz 3 phase
Warranty:5 Years
1 PC
3Mounting structure
for solar panels
Roof top type
Roof type solar racks
Max Wind Speed:55m/s,
Max Snow Pressure:1.5kn/m2
Material:High Strenghth Aluminum Alloy
1 Set
PV cable:4mm2* 500M
MC4: 20 Pairs
Breakers and accessories
1 Set
5Grid Connect
Control box
Grid Isolation breaker
Surge protection
automatic reclosing breaker for Solar system
1 Set
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