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1NO1NC Omron Plug in Relay Module FY-NG2R

Relay Modules are designed for current amplification and isolation protection of output loads. Applicable to PLC, microprocessor systems and time relays, etc, amplifying the control current of outputs, to protect key control systems not being destroyed.

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1NO1NC Omron Plug (FY-NG2R)

  • DIN Rail interface relay modules 1/2/4/6/8/10/12/14/16 channels optional
  • Built-in OMRON relay G2R-1 certified with VDE, UL, CSA, SEV, SEMKO
  • Switching current up to 10A at 250VAC or 30VDC
  • Input connections by screw terminal block.NPN&PNP can be interchangeable, AC&DC can be incompatible
  • Relay status indicator LED, surge suppression protection, and overvoltage protection are provided for each relay channel
  • Relay socket pins are gold plated, makes contact more reliable and stable
  • DIN Rail mountable for width TS15/28/35

Input operating voltage Rated DC±20% & AC±10%
Relay Mounting Pluggable
Rated Load Current 10A 250V AC/30V DC
Max Transient Load Current 10A
Coil Power approx.0.53W
Operate Time(at normal volt.) ≤15ms
Release Time(at normal volt.) ≤10ms
Input/Output Connections Screw terminal block
Wire Range 0.2~2.5mm²
Stripping Length 6-7mm
DIN Rail Mountable 15/28/35mm
Relay Qty Dimension(mm) N.W.(g)
1 18*85*70 50
2 40*85*70 105
4 70*85*70 200
6 100*85*70 260
8 130*85*70 340
10 160*85*70 410
12 190*85*70 480
14 220*85*70 560
16 250*85*70 595


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