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  • Voltage Range: WAC/DC 12-240V(50H-60H),AC230V
  • Timer Ranges: 0.1s-10h in 6 alternate
  • Current Rating: 16A/AC1

All Types Geya Timer Relay

Geya timer relay is professional manufactrer to proudce control relays and timer delay relays, the new specialized range of relays at Geya timer relay aimed to satisfy the most unique requirements of your applications by innovating in design, engineering and development, Geya timer relay Automation timer relay has some differentt types of time delay relays,Geya timer relay has 7 serier and 10 tiems,such as single function timer relay, Double delaytimer relay, Asymmetric cycler relay, Delay off,Dealy on, Start Delta Staircase,Multifunction timer relay. The single function timer relay has delay on and delay off,
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Why Geya Timer Relay

  • Simple to operate and connect to circuits,namy function to choose cost is very reasonable
  • i18 module deign timer relay, small size.Rail mount
  • The timer relay voltage range AC/DC 12V/240V(50H-60H)i
  • Electronic type,Timer relay adjustable, Good stability

Geya: Your Best Timer Relay Manufacturer

All of the Geya timer relays member name is GRT8 series, the timer relays size is 18mm modular enclosure.we also call the modular timer delay relay, Full range with LED status indicators,The time scale 0.1s-10days divided into 10ranges,all the timer relays Rated control supply voltage is AC230V and AC/DC 12v-240v,and the supply terminals is A1-A2,Geya all timer relay Current ratin is 16A,Geya timer relay all is best quality material the one impoet of relays is frome Honhfa,Geya timer relay test one by one at 24hours, before shipped,our delively time is 3days-7days. and the minimun quantity is 10pcs, we can answer 24hours.Geya timer relay is Compliant with the highest standards IEC/EN 61812-1,IEC/EN61010-1, Geya timer relay all passed test and got CE,TUV, CB and CCC certified