Phase Current

Serves for monitoring of heating in rail-switches, heating cables, consumption of one-phase motors, indicates current flow.

GEYA Phase Current generates the alternating electromagnetic field. It accepts AC power and output single-phase AC power, typically at a higher or lower voltage level.

The energy is transferred from one circuit to one or more circuits via electromagnetic induction.

It utilizes single-phase alternating current which the transformer relies on a voltage cycle that operates in a unified time phase.

GEYA Phase Current is often used to step-down long distance and localized transmission current into power levels more suitable for residential and light commercial applications.

The phase current distribution network is much higher and the overall electrical demand is lower.

The highest voltage available is regulated by utility infrastructure and industrial regulations.

It is frequently used for power distribution and voltage reduction for residential and commercial applications.

ModelGRI8 seriers
Function mode 01:Overcurrent


03:Overcurrent  or  Undercurrent

04:Over/Undercurrent in windows mode

Current range(AC)0.5:0.05-0.5A






Geya: Your Leading Phase Current Manufacturer

GEYA Phase Current lowers voltage output which is often rectified into DC current before powering appliances such as a computer when used with appliances. It is typically used in low power applications to connect circuits with different voltage classes.

It removes ground noise from audio signals by encasing the transformer in magnetic shielding’s. The voltage source and electrical load are connected to two taps, and voltages are determined by the tapping the winding at different points.

GEYA Phase Current adjust a voltage level to device specifications. They produce a relatively constant output voltage, despite potentially large variances in the input voltages. It has a self-adjusting secondary winding that provides a consistent output current for any load within its dynamic range. Every GEYA Phase Current is suitable for long-distance transmission voltage level.

At GEYA, we understand the need for keeping all devices safe, while making your business competitive. With over 10 years’ experience, GEYA products are certified CCC, CE, CB, SAA, SEMKO, TUV and ROSH industry standards.

Additionally, GEYA engineers help clients in choosing the best materials depending on the application. As a leading Phase Current manufacturer, GEYA adheres to a strict quality electrical process. Feel free to contact us for custom made and affordable Phase Current.