GEYA Voltage Relay

What is Voltage Relay?

Voltage relay is an electronic control device, it has a control system (also known as the input circuit) and the controlled system (also known as the output circuit), usually used in automatic control circuit, which is actually used to control the smaller current A high-current “automatic switch.”

Therefore, the circuit plays an automatic adjustment, safety protection, conversion circuit and so on. Mainly used in generators, transformers and transmission lines of the relay protection device, as the over-voltage protection or low-voltage lockout of the original.



Generally, voltage relay can be divided into: over-voltage relay and low voltage (undervoltage) relay. The chip inside will mornitoring voltage and feedback to the system to help the electrical equipment works in safety voltage range.


About Function

Geya provide rail type voltage relays which are developed by our technique team.

Function Features (3-Phase)

-Controls its own supply voltage(True RMS measurement).

-Set 8-level rated operating voltage through knob.

– Measuring frequency range:45Hz-65Hz.

– Voltage measurement accuracy<1%.

– Relay status is indicated by LED.

– 1-MODULE,DIN rail mounting.



According to the demand of different use, we provide voltage mornitoring relay in different range for different equipment. Most of 3-phase voltage relay has phase sequence protection and phase failure protection. Such basic function can be used to protect elevator, central air conditioning, Motor, etc.

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