GEYA Time Relay

What is time relay?

A time relay is a type of relay whose output circuit takes a specified period of time to cause a jump change (or contact action) when an input operation signal is added (or removed).

Also as an electrical component used to turn on or off higher voltage, higher current circuits at lower or lower current levels.

At the same time, time relay is also a use of electromagnetic principle or mechanical principle to achieve delay control of electrical control.



Time relay can be divided into two types of power-delay and power-off delay. GEYA provide both of them with the best material, technical. Welcome to contact us to get more information with our patent products, low or high voltage products.


About Function

The main function of the time relay is as a kind of executive device in simple program control. When it receives the start signal, it starts to count. After its timing ends, its working contact opens or closes, so as to promote the subsequent circuit work.

In general, the time delay of the time relay can be adjusted within the design range, so as to facilitate the adjustment of its delay time. Inexplicated by a relay on time alone can’t be started to delay closure, closed for a period of time, and then disconnect the delay to achieve the first closed after the delay off, but overall, by configuring a certain number of time relay and relay, it can achieve most function.



According to the demand of different use, we also provide Single-function time relay, Multifunction time relay, Double delay time relay, Asymmetric cycler time relay, Delay OFF without supply voltage time relay, Delay ON star/delta time relay, Staircase switch time relay

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