Multifunction Time Relay

  • Voltage Range: WAC/DC 12-240V(50H-60H),AC230V
  • Timer Ranges: 0.1s-10h in 6 alternate
  • Current Rating: 16A/AC1

All Types Geya Multifunction Time Relay

GEYA multifunction time relay is a smart relay for easy adjustment of the control signals,with multi-time range, multi-functions and multi-voltage input built in.

GEYA multifunction time relay provides 10 time ranges and 10 functions for customer’s purpose to control an event that is based on time. It also has universal input voltage version for AC/DC12-240V that can be suitable different power supply.

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GEYA Off Delay Timer provides high performances, precisions, repeatability and immunity against noises
, GEYA On Delay Timer has manual resetting and automatically resetting supported by one relay.
GEYA Double Delay Time Relay has a professional range of single and three phase supply monitors that are feature rich for industrial and agricultural use.

Why Geya Multifunction Time Relay

  • 10+ manufacturing experience on Multifunction Time Relay
  • We have passed all certification
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Geya: Your Best Multifunction Time Relay Manufacturer

GEYA multifunction time relay offers high functionality on a small footprint. Due to the flat front panel, an easy-to-read LED display as well as operating elements adjustable by standard tools, the configuration is particularly straightforward.

GEYA multifunction time relay is frequently used in automation engineering to compensate malfunctions caused by high cycle rates. Short pulses are extended and hence are reliably identified by downstream control components.

Geya Multifunction Time Relay

GEYA offers a highly efficient multifunction time relay with multi-voltage input, which fulfils the product standards in accordance with IEC 61812-1.

In addition to OEM and ODM for our worldwide customers, GEYA also welcome our customers to distribute our products for oversea markets. For this project, we will provide more competitive sales policy for our customers.