Intermediate Relay GR8-116

• Voltage Range: AC/DC 12V,24V,48V,110V,AC230V • Number of Contact: 1×SPDT, 2×SPDT,3×SPDT • Current Rating: 16A/AC1, 8A/AC1

Intermediate relay used for switching larger load output, strengthen or multiplying contacts of the existing device.

GEYA Intermediate Relay is used for switching larger load output, strengthen or multiplying contacts of the existing device.

It is mainly used in the control circuit of AC 50 Hz, rated operational voltage up to AC 380V or DC 220V, to control various electromagnetic coils, thus to expand the signal or send signals to the relevant control elements concurrently.

GEYA Intermediate Relay has 10A switching capability, suitable for high-density mounting. It is a highly efficient magnetic circuit for high sensitivity and an environmentally friendly product.

Our Intermediate Relay is suitable for the battery or the rectification power and supplier’s power using for handling drawing the pump motor and another electronic vehicle.

With a small current switch control of high-current electrical appliances, operating to reduce the risk factor.


  • intermediate relay used for switching larger load output, strengthen or  multiplying contacts of the existing device.

Function Features

  • Voltage range: AC/DC12V,24V,48V,110V,AC230V.
  • Relays GR8-316 enable connection to a 3-phase circuit.
  • Relay status is indicated by LED.
  • 1-MODULE,DIN rail mounting.
Technical parametersGR8-116GR8-208GR8-308GR8-316
Supply terminalsA1-A2A1-A2
Voltage rangeAC/DC 12V、24V、48V、110VAC/DC 12V、24V
BurdenAC.max 12VA/DC.max1.9W
Supply terminalsA1-A2-A3A1-A2
Voltage rangeAC230V(A1-A2), AC/DC24V(A1-A3)AC230V
BurdenAC.max 12VA/DC.max1.9WAC.max 6VA
Supply voltage tolerance-15%;+10%
Max.chargeover time40ms
Number of contacts1×SPDT2×SPDT3×SPDT3×SPDT
Current rating1×16A(AC1)2×8A(AC1)3×8A(AC1)3×16A(AC1)
Switching voltage250VAC/24VDC
Min. breaking capacity DC500mW
Output indicationred LED
Mechanical life1×107
Electrical life(AC1)1×105
Reset timemax.200ms
Operating temperature-20℃ to+55℃(-4℉to131℉)
Storage temperature-35℃ to+75℃(-22℉to158℉)
Mounting/DIN railDin rail EN/IEC 60715
Protection degreeIP40 for front panel/IP20 terminals
Operating positionany
Overvoltage categoryIII
Pollution degree2
Max.cable size(mm 2)solid wire max.1×2.5or 2×1.5/with sleeve max.1×2.5(AWG 12)

Geya: Your Best Intermediate Relay Supplier

GEYA Intermediate Relay are required for controller protection. The relays must be enclosed to protect personnel from electrical hazard. It is required for outdoor installations. Provide a suitably sized fuse to protect the actuator.

Intermediate relay is applied to amplification, galvanic decoupling and increasing the number of contacts of used equipment. It has an indication of output status, built-in protection of switching element against inductive emissions arising from the opening of the relay.

GEYA Intermediate Relay is designed for compact, high-density mounting. The switching capacity is available in spite of small size electronic component design for high-density P.C board mounting technique. It is widely applicable for a domestic appliance, office machine, audio, equipment, automobile and any more.

At GEYA, we strive to give you the best Intermediate Relay that guarantees safety, high strength and reliability. With over 10 years’ experience, GEYA products are certified CCC, CE, CB, SAA, SEMKO, TUV and ROSH industry standards.

By choosing GEYA Intermediate Relay, clients are assured of one-off protection from all environmental conditions. GEYA has hundreds of designs of Intermediate Relay, both custom and standard designs. For more information about our Intermediate Relay, talk to our technical team today.

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Intermediate Relay Model and Connotation

Model and connotation

Intermediate Relay Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram