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MCCB Manufacturer

GEYA Molded Case Circuit Breaker is a great choice for conveyance applications, particularly where there’s a better request for safety against the over-burden, brief circuit, and under-voltage to preserve control supply unwavering quality. Our solid MCCB can withstand extraordinary climate conditions since of its tough and compact development.

GEYA Made MCCB Circuit Breaker

GEYA, we get the requirements for keeping all devices secure, whereas making your commerce competitive. With over 10 years of encounter, GEYA items are certified by CCC, CE, CB, SAA, SEMKI, TUV, and ROSH industry measures.

Leading MCCB Manufacturer in the Electrical Equipment Market

GEYA Electrical has been manufacturing low voltage items which fulfill all worldwide industrial pre-requisites and applications. Our 1000+ electrical products incorporate MCCB switch disconnectors, contactors, relays, timers, distribution boxes, and other low-voltage and mechanization control things, as well as an assortment of related extras and components.

Latest Manufacturing Process

We in GEYA invest in advanced technology for us to continually innovate everything in our production process we also hire the best professionals to handle our post-production, planning, and manufacturing processes. With this, we can maintain and assure that our devices produced will always be top-tier.

Competitive Price

GEYA provides quality products inlined with international standards without compromising our customers budget. For we believe that our customer-clients deserve the worth of every money they spent.

Making Tomorrow Different Today.

Energize Society With Premium Molded Case Circuit Breaker & Other Electric Products

Our professional services cover as a leading molded case circuit breaker producer that follows strict quality electrical handles. Feel free to contact us for a custom-made and affordable Molded Case Circuit Breaker.

Rated Frame Current

the most extreme current an MCCB is evaluated to handle is known as the evaluated outline current. This rating decides the outline measure of the breaker. The upper restrain of the flexible stumbling current takes after the appraised outline current.

Short Circuit Breaking Capacity

With our units, the defective zones can easily determine as their switch operating knob and our Molded Case Circuit Breaker units offers quick restoration by just switching the operation.

Rated Insulation Voltage

The greatest tried esteem that an MCCB can stand up to is the appraised separator voltage. It is ordinarily higher than the evaluated voltage to supply a judicious margin for the MCCB to resist tall voltages.

Consultation & Planning

Based on your needs, GEYA provides knowledgeable advice on products and raw materials. We can help you choose the right model by recommending various MCCB types based on the details of your need.

A Word Wide Supplier Of Electrical Equipment

Why GEYA is Your Best MCCB Choice

Wide Range of Electrical Products
Exceptional Customer Support
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Providing Value To Our Clients Through Ongoing Product & Innovation.
Projects And Systems Completed in 2022

In recent years, GEYA has been actively engaged in the national key projects, including the construction of substations and distribution stations

Patents and Certifications in Electric Industry

GEYA has more than 30 patents for products and technologies such as busbar, overvoltage arresters, and so on.

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We collaborate with you to design and deliver a system that meets your utility usage and selecting equipments.

What Are Your Locking For?

Frequently Aksed Questions

Molded Case Circuit Breakers are electrical security devices introduced to defend the electrical circuit from a run of absconds and issues, such as over-the-top current or brief circuits. We ordinarily, defend the circuit by utilizing a combination of temperature-sensitive and electromagnetic devices touchy to current. Utilizing this combination, an MCCB gives trip instruments that secure against electrical faults. We may utilize one or a combination of distinctive stumbling components depending on the assurance required in a certain circuit.

Ground Faults these issues are the foremost common are the ones in which the current streams straightforwardly into the earth (ground). We are comparable to short circuits since there’s a circuit bypass in this situation as well. Because of the uncontrolled stream of power, ground blame leads the breaker to trip. When hot wires come into contact with the ground frameworks, this causes issues. MCCB can promptly secure these issues.
Short Circuits the stream of power into any unintended circuit with low resistance can be characterized as a brief circuit. We are short circuits since the current streams back to the source by a shorter pathway than the total circuit. These can too be characterized as any events when hot wires come into contact with the impartial wires. These abandon cause the breaker to trip due to an expansive sum of current streaming into the circuit. In this way, it may cause starting and in the long run, lead to fires and are caused due to the disappointment of the separator of the circuit. These can happen inside electrical apparatuses such as engines as well. MCCBs can effectively ensure and offer assistance against these unsafe absconds as well by their stumbling mechanism.
Thermal Overloads these over-burdens are another issue caused due to a temperature build-up between the separators and the conductor. We decrease the productivity of covers and may inevitably cause a short circuit. MCCBs, with their mechanisms, permit for the over-burdens to be in check, in this manner anticipating shorts circuits and keeping up the fore of the separators.

GEYA produce all our products in strict accordance with our production process. With these, we are able to provide the best quality products and ensure a total competitive standard in the market. With GEYA’s experience in circuit and automation equipment, we offer nothing but the best quality products for our beloved customers.

Yes, when it comes to custom-made electrical components specific for your electrical project, GEYA and our team of experts will help you.

We won’t let you down, upon purchasing any item on us, GEYA will be giving you a 12-month coverage of use and test all you want a warranty for any manufacturing defect just take note we do not cover user-inflicted damages.

Ground flaws regularly don’t have expansive sufficient sums of arcing streams to be recognized by an MCCB. In any case, we can adequately increment to cause stumbling of the standard MCCB. Present-day MCCB as a rule continuously has security against ground deficiencies in their units. Within the case of short circuits, the momentary components of an MCCB are utilized. An electromagnet performs short circuit trip activity. When there’s a short circuit, the electromagnetic field quality of the magnet gets to be more grounded due to the higher current. It causes the magnet to pivot the stumbling bars or switches.

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