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Best MC4 Connector Manufacturer of 2023

Looking for desired mc4 connector manufacturers? We have collected the high-quality MC4 Connector companies in the industry that offer the best custom specification for all their MC4 Connector that they need. And the types and materials used by the available MC4 Connector are covered in detail in this reference. Just keep an eye on here!


The search for the most sustainable energy source is ON the birth of the solar energy system. Given the demand for solar systems in today’s era, manufacturers of components in this field increased. The innovation made and the fast-phasing development in this industry get the interests of big named people and companies to give a try in this industry. MC4 connector is one of the essential components of solar system units.

Manufacturers of MC4 ensure that this cable connector will surely give the functionality that it serves. Other manufacturers innovated this device to fully acquire the full potential of this component when used in a system.

Leading Manufacturers of MC4 Connector

MC4 Connector Manufacturer of 2023 Market Overview

Solar mc4 connector manufacturers are devices or frameworks that offer assistance in extricating power from solar energy. The toll of utilizing power can be maintained at a strategic distance from such connectors until standard assets within the environment are accessible since they can be used in different ways, and extra charges can be dodged. These connectors are planned to perform and last longer within the harshest natural conditions. These connectors offer assistance in generating the power utilized nowadays and in creating future energy.
The appropriation of renewable energy is anticipated to advance the development of the solar connector advertise. Solar energy vitality is ample and can be utilized. Electric can also be created from these renewable energy sources, which can be used when required and put away afterwards. In expansion, the connectors essential for control utilized can be obtained on the market at a sensible cost, and the buy choices are beneficial. Amid the figure, simple accessibility at a reasonable price is anticipated to drive development within the solar connector market.
The fetch of Solar Energy is cheap since its fuel is free and support is negligible, so most of the cost comes from innovation. Higher development costs can make money-related education more likely to see solar energy establishment as a chance, loaning at higher intrigued rates. This could obstruct market improvement.

Leading Manufacturers of MC4 Connector

MC4 Connector suppliers are electromechanical devices that interconnect cables, wires, and hoses to permit a smooth stream of power. The worldwide connector industry within the past decade has seen a remarkable turnaround, fundamentally due to the developing application of a few organizing devices. The prospering telecommunication, computer organizing, and car divisions have expanded the market request of connectors over the globe. Here are the leading manufacturers of MC4 connector brands in the industry today.

Gaurang Auto MC4 Connector

Gaurang Auto was built in 1964 and is one of the leading manufacturers of subjective grouping testing and measuring electronic components. The compelling item run is comprehensive of Banana Plug Attachments, Battery Charging Clips, and Crocodile Clips. Their capacity to resist voltage changes, longer serving life, simple establishments, durable development, and resistance to stun make these Testing and Measuring Electronic Components exceedingly requested within the advertising. In expansion to this, the advertised extend to testing and measuring electronic components is accessible with us at industry-leading costs.

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Gaurang Auto Manufacturers
Malad West, Mumbai Maharashtra, India
Vishal Trivedi

Sibass Electric MC4 Connector

Sibass Electric Private Limited, set up in 2010, are one of the driving providers, dealers and wholesalers of a comprehensive combination of electrical components. The extend comprises electric switches, nearness switches, foot switches, thrust button switches, cob thrust button switches, constrain switches, plug-in clocks, small scale switches, electrical and warm transfers, strong state hand-off, transfers bases, 3UA arrangement warm hand-off, LR2 arrangement warm transfers, light fittings, halogen fittings, surge light fittings, Plug & Attachment With Walled in area, Plug & Attachment With Interlock, Cable Drum, Circuit Breakers, Scaled down Near Circuit Breaker. To guarantee that these items are in pair with universal quality benchmarks & standards. All these items are broadly utilized in different businesses and portions for differing applications. The clients profoundly request them due to their long functional life, muscular development, dimensional precision, unwavering quality and tall execution.

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Sibass Electric Pvt. Ltd
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Sandeep Singhi

Samptel Energy MC4 Connector

Set up within the year 2018, “Samptel Vitality Private Limited” are the driving, Producer, and Dealer of a broad cluster of Electrical Walled area, Solar based on Adornments, Solar powered AC Dispersion Box, Solar powered Cable Connector. Solar-powered Cable etc. They coordinate all the exercises to cater to clients’ desires by giving them great quality items to their satisfaction. Additionally, they take after ethical commerce approaches and gem unadulterated straightforwardness in all the transactions to maintain solid customer relations. For the achievement story, they thank the proprietor Ankit Dhanani, whose nonstop backing and heading have been valuable for attaining exponential advancement within the current advertising.

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Samptel Energy Private Limited
Kathwada, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Ankit Dhanani

Phoenix Contact MC4 Connector

Phoenix Contact is a family trade headquartered in Germany. The bunch incorporated fifteen German and four universal companies as well as 55 deals companies all over the world. Globally, they are shown in more than 100 nations. At Phoenix Contact, their approach is inventive, economical, and based on association. This applies to how they deal with workers and their customers.
Phoenix Contact is aware of its social and natural obligation and acts appropriately. With the revision of the All Electric Society, they also need to enable their clients to work more reasonably by empowering comprehensive electrification, organizing, and automation of all segments of the economy and foundation with their products and arrangements.

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Phoenix Contact
Blomberg, Germany
Frank Stührenberg

TE Connectivity MC4 Connector

TE Connectivity controls electric vehicles, aeroplanes, advanced production lines, and smart homes. An advancement that empowers life-saving restorative care, economic communities, productive utility systems, and the worldwide communications framework. For over 75 years, they have collaborated with clients to deliver exceedingly built networks and detecting products that make an associated world conceivable. Their centre on unwavering quality and toughness, the commitment to advance, and the unmatched run of their product portfolio empower companies huge and little to turn thoughts into innovation that can change how the world works and lives tomorrow.
TE Connectivity energizes, rouses, and challenges each worker to unleash their potential in important ways that offer assistance in developing their reasoning and technique. Over its whole organization, they bolster professional development and contribute to a culture that grasps differing qualities, anticipates consideration, and values engagement. At TE Connectivity, they are making their company more grounded.

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
TE Connectivity
Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Terrence Curtin

Kripson Electricals MC4 Connector

Kripson Electricals was established in 1982 as a Manufacturer, Exporter, and Wholesaler of a wide cluster of Electrical Products, Control panels, Accessories, and Wiring Accessories. These products are broadly utilized in several applications in variegated industrial portions. They consider their clients’ ever-changing needs and offer an improved range of Control Panel Accessories, Wiring Accessories, and Allied Products. The most competitive advantage of the company is the experienced and ingenious investigation and advancement unit. Their competent and imaginative studies constantly focus on finding modern strategies to make these items. As a result, the full extent of Wiring Accessories and Allied Products advertised by us is famous for their inventive highlights and is announced at temperate costs.
Their company can endeavour against all the extreme challenges beneath the able possession and direction of Mr Sunil Mehta and Mr Rutvik. With high business insight and improved encounters, they are ready to walk along the proper way to victory within the industry.

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Kripson Electricals
Khadia, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Sunil Mehta

JP Enterprise MC4 Connector

JP Enterprise was built in the year 2014. Their companies drive manufacturers and traders of a broad cluster of Solar Surge Protection, AC and DC MCB, Solar DC Distribution Boxes, Solar AC Distribution Boxes, Solar Cable Connectors, Electrical enclosures, Solar Accessories, Polycarbonate enclosures, etc. They coordinate their exercises to cater to clients’ desires by giving them fantastic quality items to their satisfaction. Additionally, it takes ethical business approaches and precious stone unadulterated transparency in all their exchanges to maintain solid client relations.

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
JP Enterprise
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
John Paul

Matrix Enterprise MC4 Connector

Matrix Enterprise was established in the year 2019. One of the pre-eminent Manufacturers and Trader, Benefit Supplier of an uncommon quality collection of Walled, electric area, AC Contractors, Solar Connectors, Solar DCDB, Surge Protection devices, Solar ACDB, Solar DC MCD, 600V DC SPD, and numerous more. We utilize high-quality inputs to plan this electric walled-in area and control board ranges. Moreover, our extend of items is famous for desirable traits like simplicity to use, solid development, lightweight, and low cost. They are giving our clients Solar Panel Installation services and Solar Panel Repair services.
The experts work closely to guarantee clients a high-quality grouping of electric walled areas and control panels. They have enlisted experienced quality auditors, who observe the entire preparation to create beyond any doubt taken after. In this, by keeping up quality, they ensure the clients’ greatest fulfilment. In expansion to this, to maintain a strategic distance from any hassles within the work environment.

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Matrix Enterprise
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Jaydip Dudhat

Betterie MC4 Connector

Betterie was built in 2012. Better is a prominent PV Connector manufacturer, advertising reliable connection solutions for your PV projects. Their product line is broad, with their primary items counting stack-side AC Connectors for inverters, line-side AC Connectors, and tackle processing. They are ISO9001 certified, guaranteeing the quality of everything that takes off the manufacturing plant. Each step goes through a strict quality review handle, from crude materials to the wrapped-up items. They are too certified to CSA and TUV measures, with an item benefit life of more than 25 years.
The battery could be a solar connector specializing in giving MC4 Connector and solar accessories applications. Their pride themselves on being a solid merchant of electronic components within the field of solar power energy. Their broad esteem included benefit incorporates giving solar product solutions to assist get you work of connectors system done.

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Berlin, Germany
Rainer Hönig

Elecbee MC4 Connector

Elecbee may be a brand that centres on manufacturing and trading electronic parts over 16 years. Mr John begins to do business with one founder in a small loft to offer connectors. This can be where dreams set cruise. To meet the developing request for expanded items and small-batch orders, they began Elecbee’s online E-commerce venture.
They exceedingly respect the quality of their items to guarantee your 100% fulfilment. They accept the company unquestionably and give more esteem to our clients. Elecbee MC4 Connector is committed to the profundity integration of electronic components industry supply chain assets. Offering many small and medium-sized providers within the industry gives a proficient and dependable cross-border e-commerce dispersion stage. With client needs and showcase requests, provide more reliable products, and make strides in industry effectiveness.

Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
UnknownJohn Guan

What is MC4 Connector?

MC4 stands for Multi-Contact and 4 mm diameter contact pin. MC4 is a single-contact electrical connector used for connecting solar panels. This connector allows strings of meetings to be easily constructed by pushing the connectors from adjacent panels together by hand. MC4 connectors and compatible products are universal in the solar market today. MC4 system consists of a plug-and-socket design. It has plastic shells inside and appears to be the opposite gender. The plug is inside the cylindrical body that looks like a female connector but is referred to as an MC4 male connector. The socket inside the square probe that looks male is electrically female and called an MC4 female connector.

Material Used for MC4 Connector Manufacturing

The MC4 connectors are electrical connectors for solar panels, which consist of plug and socket design, the female and the male. Here are some primary materials used in solar connectors that dictate their durability and functionalities.

Heavy Duty Plastic

Solar connectors have plastic parts like end caps and shells where plugs and sockets are located. Manufacturers use heavy-duty plastics for this part of MC4 connectors to fully protect the components. These plastics are generally waterproof, shockproof, heat resistant, and other environmental factors that might affect the device.

Double Insulated Cables

The MC4 connectors have double insulated cables with correct diameters. This Cable also has black sheaths and is high-temperature resistant.


Solar connectors have steel or metal parts that give conductivity and other functions for connectivity. These metal parts are usually designed for solar connector functionality.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Right MC4 Connector

The MC4 connector is an essential component of a solar energy system. A suitable MC4 collar connector gives the best quality energy output choosing an MC4 connector type for your solar energy projects.

Pen Down Your Requirements

When choosing the suitable MC4 connector, you should write down all the requirements for your project and the primary specifics you need to know about selecting the suitable MC4 connector.

Consider Your Current Rating and Operating Voltage

Upon determining the specific requirement of your solar energy system, come up with a numerated list of your solar system’s current rating and operating voltage. To safely pick the needed MC4 connector that will suit your design.

Verify the Recommended Operating Temperature Range

In choosing the suitable MC4 connector, you should also verify and check the operating temperature range of your solar connectors. With this, you can set your solar systems with ease of minding the temperature capacity range of your solar connectors.

Confirm the Level of Reliability

Choose only the best quality MC4 connectors for your solar energy systems. Choose the MC4 connector that caters to durability, long service life span, and reliability. Make Sure it has Environmental Sealing. Make sure that your solar connector has environmental sealing. This sealing will protect your MC4 connector from the environment and your solar system from damage within connections.

Factor in Materials and Plating

Ensure that your MC4 connector is manufactured with the latest solar technology and premium quality material for strength and durability.

Calculate the Pricing

Choose cost-effective MC4 connectors. Solar connectors are often cheap but ensure the quality of your solar connector by checking out your provider’s legitimacy and industrial capabilities.

Things to Consider when Choosing MC4 Connector Manufacturer

Choosing the proper mc4 connector manufacturer is a critical decision to make. This will dictate the phase of your solar power system in the future to come. So selecting the best mc4 connector provider will eventually help you and makes your solar system efficient and reliable. Here are the tips to put in mind before choosing your mc4 connector manufacturers:


A good mc4 connector manufacturer must have a good industry reputation and provide high-quality work. Look for testimonies and other stuff that will give legitimacy to their business. Research the company’s background. If the company can not offer a simple portfolio, then it might be the right time to go to the next on your list.

Ask for Certifications

MC4 connector manufacturers and providers are required by law to be certified. Ensure that the company you’ll be working with has certifications or licenses in general.

Understand How the MC4 connector Works

Before choosing an mc4 connector for your control system, make sure you know the fundamentals or basics of the mc4 connector. Its function, types, size, weight, etc. With these, you are not just familiarizing what the mc4 connector is but also know why you need the mc4 connector.

Be Specific about your Needs and Preferences

Suppliers will get your ideas about your wanted specifications for your control system. With these, they can determine the suitable mc4 connector you need. Manufacturers are experts in this field, but make sure to specify your wants for them to assess your needs fully.

Know Company Policies

Warranty. Choosing the proper mc4 connector manufacturer is the warranty of their service or products. mc4 connectors are electrical components that are critical in all applications. It is best if this component has warranty service to be able to return or repair when a fault comes.


A solar installation must utilize safe, efficient, and strong connections in collecting, storing, and transferring energy. Solar connectors like mc4 PV connectors by understanding how mc4 connectors function and how wiring your system can significantly impact your system’s performance, you’ll be best equipped to build a robust and safe solar energy system unit that will meet all of your energy needs.

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