Level Control

Designed for monitoring level in wells, basins, reservoirs, tanks, etc.

GEYA Level Control provides accurate, reliable and repeatable level detection.

It has a unique modular design of level control which provides a wide range of configurations and approvals to meet the temperature and pressure requirements of a specific application.

The modular design makes ordering easier and reduces stocking requirements.

A wide range of probe configurations is available, including rod and cable versions.

GEYA Level Control provides the user with a fail-safe relay control of pumps and valves.

Quick and simple setup reducing a time for installation.

They are used to monitor the levels of conductive liquids and are available in up/down, minimum, maximum, and fill/empty variations that are straightforward to install and safe to use.

It has LED indication of sensor, power and relay status for quick recognition.

ModelGRL8 seriers
Function mode01: 2 level contorl mode

02:2 or 1 level contorl mode

Geya: Your Best Level Control Supplier

GEYA Level Control is used in a wide variety of applications including wastewater management of corrosive liquid media. It is designed specially to provide for the monitoring and control of liquid levels, and protection of pumps against dry running. Every Level Control has the ability to detect liquid leaks in a system.

GEYA Level Control is a tough weatherproof wall mount enclosure for internal and external mounting. It maintains a constant level in a liquid supply such as a reservoir which regulates the flow into the liquid supply and maintains a constant level to meet the usage demands. OurGEYA Level Control has a real-time clock for energy saving routines, pumps efficiency calculations, and date/time to stamp of data logging.

At GEYA, we strive to give you the best level of control that guarantees safety, high strength and reliability. With over 10 years’ experience, GEYA products are certified CCC, CE, CB, SAA, SEMKO, TUV and ROSH industry standards.

By choosing GEYA Level control, clients are assured of one-off protection from all environmental conditions. GEYA has hundreds of designs of Level Control, both custom and standard designs. For more information about our Level Control, talk to our technical team today.