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Latching Relay Manufacturer

GEYA is the leading latching relay manufacturer and provider With our almost 15 years of experience in the circuit and automation industry we assure you that we provide the best latching relay with high quality and competitive price to the market.

GEYA Made Latching Relay

Our relays are controlled by buttons from several locations it can replace crossbar switches or three-way switches to control by buttons in unlimited numbers or connected in parallel wires, these results in transparent installation and faster mounting.

Leading Latching Relay Manufacturer in the Market

GEYA is one of the best electrical manufacturing companies in the electrical industry. As a leading circuit and automation manufacturer, GEYA improved and innovate its relay timer and produce the GEYA Timer Relay Scheme. This relay timer is very flexible, easy to use, and install-friendly. It will provide the timing functions that will be suitable for varied applications. These functions have multiple modes and electronic displays.

Latest Manufacturing Practices

With years of experience, our company has rich expertise from product development to production of low voltage electrical and automation control items. And to produce top-performing latching relay, we in GEYA invest in advanced machinery and technology to provide the best quality products.

100% Tested Latching Relay

We are committed to delivering the best circuit and automation equipment to our dear clients from households, and commercial to big businesses. Ensures that every piece of our product undergoes a series of quality assurance tests before releasing it to the market.

Making Tomorrow Different Today.

Energized Society with Premium Quality Latching Relay and other Products

GEYA produces latching relays with superior quality that brought our customer’s trust. From manufacturing, and production to the innovation of our products we guarantee reliability to each piece we produce. These functions adding to our latching relays make our product a formidable one.

Easy to Maintain and Reliable

IGOYE bistable relay has a compact design with 2 galvanic isolated coils, a flash barrier, and a transparent cover. Our latching relays are proven reliable with long-term availability, low life cycle cost, and are very easy to maintain.

Guaranteed Quality

We in GEYA make sure that every product we produce will undergo a series of quality assurance. Prioritizing this keeps our latching relays a top-notch product that our customers can count on.

Premium Grade Materials

Making the best products requires the best materials to use. GEYA commits to using only quality material for each bistable relay and products we produced. With this, our products can handle specified power and can provide long-time reliability.

Consultation & Planning

We provide professional consultation on products and raw materials according to your needs. We also help you choose the right model by recommending different types of latching relay based on your project's requirements.

A Word Wide Supplier Of Electrical Equipment

Why GEYA is Your
Best Latching Relays Supplier Choice

Wide Range of Electrical Products
Exceptional Customer Support
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Providing Value To Our Clients Through Ongoing Product & Innovation.
Projects And Systems Completed in 2022

In recent years, GEYA has been actively engaged in the national key projects, including the construction of substations and distribution stations

Patents and Certifications in Electric Industry

GEYA has more than 30 patents for products and technologies such as busbar, overvoltage arresters, and so on.

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We collaborate with you to design and deliver a system that meets your utility usage and selecting equipments.

What Are Your Locking For?

Frequently Aksed Questions

It is a two-position electrically-actuated switch that maintains contact position indefinitely without power applied coil. This is also controlled bt two momentary-acting switches or sensors, the one that “sets” and the other that “resets”.

There are two types of teaching relays.

  • Laching type with two opposing coils with an over-center spring or permanent magnet, this holds the contacts in position after the coil is de-energized.
  • Laching type with a remanent core that retains the contacts in the operating position by the remanent magnetism in the core.

A latching relay is a typical application of push-button control where one button turns the circuit on and one button turns the circuit off.

As a whole relays have different characteristics and it must be understand relays’ proper usage and where to properly use it to ensure smooth operation when used.
– Relay should match with product manual to meet necessary parameters
– Relays should not be drop or have any strong impact on it is crucial to maintain its better performance
– Temperature of environment does affect the relays, harmful gases with sulfur, nitrogen oxides and silicon.
– In using a latching relay it must be place in action or reset position depending on required use. Considering its polarity and pulse width is a must when applying voltage to coil.

Yes, when it comes to custom-made electrical components specific for your electrical project, GEYA and our team of experts will help you.

We won’t let you down, upon purchasing any item on us, GEYA will be giving you a 12-month coverage of use and test all you want a warranty for any manufacturing defect just take note we do not cover user-inflicted damages.

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