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How to Use Outdoor Mechanical Timer: 3 Different Ways

Outdoor mechanical timer switch
Outdoor mechanical timer switch

An outdoor mechanical timer is used outside. In addition to having many different applications, that also means the timer must be able stand up to the elements. So, what are these many uses and how are outdoor timers designed to cope with their installation environments

How Do Outdoor Timers Work?

An outdoor timer switch refers to the type of timer that is designed to be used for outdoor devices. Usually, these must be weatherproof and adjustable for a variety of applications such as lighting, pumps, and sprinklers. Outdoor timer switches use either mechanical or digital controls. These work differently.

Outdoor Digital Timer Switch

This is the type of timer that comes with a digital screen to input the on and off times. You can also program them with an app, using your phone. Internally, the outdoor digital timer switch contains a tiny, low-power computer that controls the output.

A digital timer switch is programmable and can be set to turn on and off at certain times of the day, days of the week, or specific dates. This timer switch is more expensive than the mechanical timer but offers more in terms of timing functions.

Outdoor Mechanical Timer Switch

The outdoor mechanical timer switch is a simpler type of timer for outdoor systems. It relies on an internal motor to turn gears and control the switch off and on function (at pre-set times). As the user you need to manually adjust the timer settings when necessary.

This type of outdoor timer is best for users who don’t require sophisticated programming and settings adjustments. It is also suited for those who prefer to manually adjust the timer settings when needed, or simply want a reliable and straightforward device.

The outdoor mechanical timer is cheaper than the digital type and a cost-effective solution that comes in various sizes, shapes, and models. You can also easily mount it outdoors, on a wall or enclosure to protect it from the elements.

Setting outdoor mechanical timer switch
Setting outdoor mechanical timer switch

Outdoor Mechanical Timer Switch

You can use outdoor mechanical timer switches to control many different systems and devices. These include timing security lighting systems or Christmas lights, controlling the operation of different types of water pumps, and so on.

1. Mechanical Timer for Lights

An outdoor mechanical timer for light means a timer that you install to control when outdoor lights turn on and off. This can be a timer for outdoor porch light, outdoor timer for security light, or outdoor timer for Christmas lights.

In applications away from the home, you can find commercial outdoor timer for parking lot lights or outdoor timer for street lights. In the garden, an outdoor switch would control your garden lights, ensuring they come on when you want them to and turn off when you don’t.

A mechanical timer for lights offers a cost-effective and low energy option compared to other forms of lighting control. That’s because mechanical timers are wired directly into the electrical circuit, so no energy is wasted in transmitting signals from a remote control device. They also typically cost less than the electronic types.

2. Mechanical Pool Pump Timer

A pool pump is an important piece of equipment for your pool, but it can also be a major drain on your energy costs if not properly controlled. A mechanical pool timer allows you to take control by setting specific times when the pump can turn on and off.

Usually simple and easy to use, a mechanical pool timer allows you to set the pump on and off times that are right for your pool’s filtration and other needs. That helps reduce energy costs by allowing water to circulate around the pool at specific times.

The mechanical pool pulp timer switch is normally installed inside a weatherproof box near the pool pump, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged by outdoor elements. It is also easy to install and only requires little wiring and other electrical work.

3. Mechanical Sprinkler timer

An outdoor mechanical timer switch for your sprinkler system is a great way to save money and water, while also keeping your lawn or garden looking great. With the timer switch, you can set specific times when the sprinklers come on, as well as how long they run for.

This means that you don’t have to worry about your sprinklers running when it’s raining, or for too long and wasting water. You can also use the timer switch if you want to save money by running your sprinkler system during off-peak hours.

Like any other outdoor mechanical timer, the sprinkler timer switch is easy to install and use. It only needs to be wired into the sprinkler system. Usually, it comes in a weatherproof casing, so it won’t be damaged by outdoor elements.

How to install outdoor light timer
How to install outdoor light timer

How to Use Outdoor Timer Switches

There are several tips when it comes to using an outdoor mechanical timer switch. First, make sure to use the right type of timer for your application. Mechanical timers are generally simpler and cheaper than digital timers and work with simple on/off applications. Here are more tips for using your outdoor mechanical timer:

1. Install outdoor timer switches in an area that will not be exposed to moisture or weather elements. This can help prevent damage to the timer and its functionality, allowing it to operate correctly and last longer.

2. Determine how long you need the timer to remain on. Mechanical outdoor timer switches can be set for various durations within a 24-hour period.

3. Make sure your load (the device or appliance that is being powered by the switch) is compatible with the timer. Check the load specifications on your appliance or device to ensure that it is within the current capacity and voltage rating of your switch.

4. Mount the switch securely in place to prevent any movement that could disrupt its function or cause it to malfunction. Make sure all connections are secure and follow the manufacturer instructions for proper installation.

5. Test your outdoor timer switch to make sure it is functioning properly before you use it on a regular basis. This will help prevent any problems or malfunctions should you run into them.


An outdoor mechanical timer can help you control outdoor lights, pool pumps, sprinkler systems, and fountains or Christmas lights. This ensures that you are able to save energy and money. More importantly, get to conveniently automate the running of your outdoor devices and systems, which makes it easier to manage them.

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