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How to Use a Digital Timer Switch for Lights

Programmable, digital timer switch for lights
Programmable, digital timer switch for lights

Using a digital timer switch for lights is one of the most common ways to automate lighting. With this type of switch, you can program when the lights will turn on and off, which allows for automated energy savings as well as convenience. Let’s see how that works.

Light Timer

A light timer is a device or switch that is used to program when lights will be turned on and off. While this can be done manually with a simple switch, using an automatic timer switch provides more precise control over the timing of the light or lighting system. You can also use a light timer indoors or outdoors.

Timer for Lights Indoor

Indoors, a light timer switch can be used to control any lights, from one single fixture in a room to an entire network of lights throughout the house. You can set up the timer so that any lights are turned on and off at specific times each day or night.

This is useful for security reasons, as it gives the appearance that someone is home when no one is actually there. It can also help you to save energy by automatically turning off lights in unoccupied rooms, or when daylight is sufficient.

Timer for Lights Outdoors

Outdoor light timer switches are similar to indoor one, but often have a water-resistant housing that can withstand the elements. This type of switch is mostly used to control security light such as outdoor lights in a home or even street lights.

You can also use a light timer to automate the lighting in your yard or garden, creating a beautiful evening landscape view — or to control grow lights that should turn on and off according to a predetermined schedule.

Installed digital timer switch for lights
Installed digital timer switch for lights

Digital Timer Switch for Lights

This is also called an electronic timer switch for lights or smart lights timer. Essentially, it’s a type of programmable timer that comes equipped with a digital display. The device itself has no mechanical parts, and instead utilizes electronic components to time. In terms of applications, you can use the programmable timer switch in the following ways:

Digital Timer for LED Lights

LED lamps have become more popular in recent years due to their energy efficiency and long lifespan. Using a digital timer for LED lights is one way to maximize the potential of these lights. With a digital timer, you can program LED lights to turn on and off at specific times each day or night.

You can also set up the timer so that the lights are turned on and off at random intervals, creating the illusion of someone being home. In addition to helping reduce energy use during times when the lights are not needed, using a programmable digital timer switch for LED lights also gives you great lighting flexibility and control.

Digital Timer for Christmas Lights

You can also control Christmas lights using an outdoor digital timer switch for lights. This is especially useful for outdoor Christmas lights, which can be set up to turn on and off at specific times each day or night.

With a digital timer you have the added benefit of being able to program it so that the lights come on and go off randomly, creating an even more festive atmosphere. With a digital timer switch for Christmas lights, other possibilities include set up lighting animations, such as flashing effects.

Digital Timer for Grow Lights

A digital timer for grow lights is used to automate the lighting in a greenhouse or indoor garden. You can program the timer according to the light schedule required for specific plants and create custom day/night cycles.

This will help you make sure that your plants get just the right amount of light at the right time. In addition to helping you determine when your lights should be on or off, using a digital timer for grow lights means the ability to conserve energy.

Digital Timer for Street Lights

Digital timers are also used to control street lights. This type of timer is often preferred due to its accuracy, ease of use and sophisticated programming options. A digital timer for street lights is also either a photocell timer or astronomic timer.

The photocell timer works by sensing the amount of light present and turning the lights on or off accordingly. An astronomic light timer has a built-in calendar that can be programmed to turn lights on/off at specific times each day, week and month based on the sun’s position.

Installing timer switch for lights
Installing timer switch for lights

How to Install Digital Light Timer Switch

One of the advantages of using a digital timer switch for lights is that it’s easily installed — no complicated wiring and no additional devices. The timer will also come with installation instructions, so all you need to do is follow the directions provided. These steps explain how to install a digital light timer switch.

1. Turn off the power to the circuit that you’ll be installing the light timer on.

2. Remove and discard your existing switch, then mark the wires with tape so you can remember which wire goes in which terminal.

3. Connect the wires to their corresponding terminals in the light timer switch, following any instructions provided by the manufacturer.

4. Program the timer according to your desired settings and secure the cover plate.

5. Turn the power back on and enjoy your digital light timer switch!

Setting a digital outlet timer
Setting a digital outlet timer

How to Set a Digital Timer for Lights

Your programmable digital timer switch will come with its own unique instructions, so be sure to read them carefully before attempting to set it. However, most models can be programmed or set in a similar fashion regardless or if they’re outlet or in-wall types. This is how to set a digital timer for lights.

1. Enter the current time and date into your digital light switch timer. Be keen with the AM and PM settings.

2. Using the appropriate buttons, scroll through the hour and minute settings to choose when you want your circuit or device to stay on or turn off.

3. Set a schedule using the days of the week for when you want your timer to switch the circuit on/off. You may also want to “randomize “your settings, especially if you’re controlling security lights.

4. Press “Set” or “OK” to save your settings and finish programming your digital timer.


Using a digital light timer switch for lights provides an effective means of controlling lighting in both outdoor and indoor settings. It’s an easy way to save energy and money, while also automating the lights to your preferred settings. Most importantly, these timers allow you to set an array of different timing options for specific day..

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