GEYA ZW32M-24 Outdoor High-Voltage Vacuum…

ZW32-24 type outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as the circuit breaker) is outdoor switchgearwith 50Hz three-phase AC and 24kV rated voltage, which is applicable to places where have various load currents of distinctivenature of characteristics and places where the operation is frequent and meets the needs for construction and reform of powerequipment in urban and rural power networks, mines and railways.
Based on the national raw materials and process, the product was developed successfully by absorbing foreign advancedtechnologies, and is outdoors high-voltage switchgear of 24kV that is suitable for national conditions. Compared with theforeign similar products, the product has the characteristics of miniaturization, maintenance free and intellectualization and soon. At the same time, it is an environmentally-friendly green product with no pollution to ambient environment.The circuit breaker meets the technical standards of GB1984-2003 High-voltage Alternating-current Circuit breakers, DL/T 402-2007 Orders Goods Technical Conditions for High-voltage Alternating-current Circuit breakers and DL/T403-2000 Orders Goods.

Structural features

1. The shell is made of high quality stainless steel or ordinary steel plate coated by uv-resistant varnish after being treated byDacromet anti-rust treatment process. The product has excellent anti-corrosion property and salt spray resistance and otheranti-environment properties.
2. APG embedded insulation pole adopts silicone rubber for encapsulating (as insulation and buffer). It has small volume, goodanti-condensation performance, long service life and reliable performance.
3. The operating mechanism is spring operation mechanism, which can be manually operated and power-driven. When need,users can add a remote-control device and unit to avoid inrush phenomenon. The required power of external power supplyshould be lower than 70W, easy to equip with backup power supply. With a buffer device of special design, it is characterized by
excellent performance, small rebound and low noise.
4. The interrupter adopts special stainless steel brazing technology without plating to ensure a high welding quality, stable andreliable, stable reliability and low air leak rate. In production process, it uses special ceramic metallization formula and advancedceramic metallization process, to guarantee the gas tightness of the product. The strength of extension is larger than 130Mpa,
which can realize one-off sealing.
5. The current transformer is made of high quality magnetic material and epoxy resin and silicone rubber compound.

Operation Environment

1. Ambient air temperature: upper limit +40℃, lower limit -40℃;
2.Relative humidity of the air: daily average value should be lower than
95% and monthly average value lower than 90%;
3. Height above sea level: ≤3000mm;
4. Wind pressure: lower than 700Pa (equivalent to wind speed 34m/s);

5. Pollution grade: IV (creepage distance ≥31mm/kV);
6. Radial thickness of ice: ≥10mm;
7. Installation site: Place where there is no fire, explosion hazard, heavy
pollution, chemical corrosion and violent vibration and the like.