GEYA ZW32M-12 Outdoor High-Voltage Permanent-Magnet…

ZW32M-12 outdoor high-voltage permanent-magnet vacuum circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as the smart switch)consists of ZW32-12/T630-20 type outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker, reclosing controller, external voltagetransformer and controlling cable and other parts.
Smart switch is outdoor high-voltage power distribution switchgear with 12kV rated voltage and 50Hz three-phase AC. Thecircuit breaker is mainly used as load current, over load current and short circuit current in breaking, closing power system, andapplicable to control and protection purpose in power distribution system of transformer substations and industrial and mining    enterprises and the use places where the rural power network is frequently operated.

Structural features

1. The circuit breaker has a three-polar support structure and mainly consists of three-polar support, mechanism case and drivepart. Small spring actuator is installed inside a sealed mechanism case.
2. It has the advantages of stable and reliable breaking performance, no combustion and explosion danger, safety, maintenancefree, small volume, light weight and long service life, etc.
3. It organically combines vacuum interrupter, main electric conduction circuit and insulation support and other parts into aninsulator, and uses imported outdoor epoxy resin and APG technology for injection. Due to the integrated embedded vacuuminterrupter adopted, it successfully solves the contradiction between miniaturization of vacuum interrupter and highrequirements on external insulation.
4. APG embedded insulation pole adopts for encapsulating (as insulation and buffer). It has small volume, good anti-condensation performance, long service life and reliable performance.
5. The current transformer is made of high quality magnetic material and epoxy resin and silicone rubber compound,characterized by large capacity, high multiple of dynamic thermal stability, high accuracy class, maintenance free, high reliability

Operation Environment

1. Ambient air temperature: -45℃, +40℃;
2. Height above sea level: lower than 3000m;
3. Wind speed: lower than 34m/s;
4. Relative humidity: daily average >90%, the monthly average>90%;
5. Air pollution grade: lower than IV
6. Radial thickness of ice: >10mm;
7. Installation site: Place where there is no inflammable, explosive material,chemical corrosion and violent vibration.