GEYA ZN63(VS1)-24 Indoor High-Voltage Vacuum…


ZN63 (VS1)-24 series handcart-type indoor vacuum circuit breaker is indoor high-voltage switchgear with 24kV rated voltageand 50Hz three-phase AC, appropriate for switch control and protection in power transmission and distribution systems ofpower stations, power substations and industrial and mining enterprises and etc., which is especially pertinent for breaking
important load in high altitude regions and places where the operation is frequent.
The manufacture of circuit breakers conforms to our national standard GB1984-2003 AC High-voltage Circuit Breaker, DL/T403-2000 Orders Goods Technical Conditions for 3.6~40.5kV Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker and relevant IEC standards, which hasreliable interlocking function.
Operation mechanism of circuit breaker is spring energy storage type, which can be operated via AC and DC energy storage oroperated manually.
At the same time, circuit breaker can be used with long-life permanent magnetic operating mechanism, the mechanical life canreach up to 60000 times and it can be used in places where the operation is extremely frequent.

Operation Environment

1. Height above sea level: <1000m;
2.Ambient temperature: the highest +40℃, the lowest -15 ;
3. Relative humidity: daily average value should be lower than 95%, the monthly average lower than 90%;
4. Seismic intensity: lower than Grade 8;
5. Place where there is no fire, explosion hazard, corrosive gas and violent vibration.