GEYA ZN63(VS1)-12 Solid-Closure Indoor High-Voltage…


ZN63 (VS1) – 12 series solid-closure indoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker organically combined vacuum interrupter, mainelectric conduction circuit and insulation support and so on into an integrated embedded pole by adopting solid insulationstructure and using advanced epoxy solid technology for the first time. It successfully solves the problem of environmentaltolerance of vacuum circuit breakers from the root, to widen its application scope. The integrated embedded pole adopts thepatented technology of self-cross ventilation to cleverly solve the difficult heat dissipation problem brought by the solidinsulation structure.
Zn63 (VS1) – 12 series solid-closure indoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is the first circuit breaker in China to realize themaintenance-free concept. The application of its long-life vacuum interrupter and epoxy pouring solid seal technology ensuresthe maintenance-free performance of integrated embedded pole. The matching high-reliability permanent magnet operatingmechanism guarantees the maintenance-free performance of operating mechanism. .

Operation Environment

1. Ambient temperature: lower than 40℃, higher than -15 (allowed to be stored and transported under -30 );
2. Height above sea level: lower than 1000m;
3. Relative humidity: daily average value should be lower than 95%, the monthly average lower than 90%, daily average value ofsaturated vapor pressure should be lower than 2.2x 10-3MPa, the monthly average lower than 1.8 x 10-3MPa;
4. Seismic intensity: lower than Grade 8;