GEYA ZN63(VS1)-12 Side-Mounted Indoor High-Voltage…


ZN63 (VS1)-12 series side-mounted vacuum circuit breaker is indoor high-voltage switchgear suitable for three-phase powersystem with 12kV rated voltage and 50Hz frequency for protection and control of electric equipment. Due to the superiority ofvacuum circuit breaker, it is especially applicable to places where the operation is frequent and there are many times of shortcircuit break current.
Zn63 (VS1)-12 series side-mounted vacuum circuit breaker adopt fixed installation and is mainly used in fixed-type switch.

Operation Environment

1. Ambient temperature: smaller than +40℃,higher than -15 (allowed to be stored and transported under -30 );
2. Height above sea level: lower than 1000m;
3. Relative humidity: daily average value should be lower than 95%,the monthly average lower than 90%, and daily average valueof saturated vapor pressure should be lower than 2.2×10-3MPa, the monthly average lower than 1.8 x 10 -3MPa;
4. Seismic intensity: lower than Grade 8;
5. Place where there is no fire, explosion hazard, heavy pollution, chemical corrosion and violent vibration.