GEYA FLN48-12D/FLRN48-12D Indoor High-Voltage Load…


FN5-12 type indoor high-voltage AC load switch (hereinafter referred to as the load switch) applies to the power distributionnetwork of 50Hz AC and 12kV for breaking load switch and closing short circuit current. The load switch with fuse can cut off theshort circuit current to protect the switch.
Load switch can be equipped with manual operating mechanism of model CS6-1. The CS manual operating mechanism or CJ□electrical operating mechanism are exclusive for this product.

Operating environment

1. Ambient temperature: the highest temperature : +40℃; the lowest temperature :-35
2. Humidity: the highest daily average relative humidity : ≤ 95%;the monthly average: ≤ 90%
3. Height above sea level: ≤ 2000 m;
4. Shock resistance: 8 degree;
5. Ambient air should not be obviously contaminated by corrosive or flammable gases, water vapor and so forth and there should not befrequently violent vibration.